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  1. nvee

    blue ray md...

    Sony bl(u)ew it and somebody did it instead... http://www.vmedia.net/index.php http://www.osnews.com/story/21508/Vmedia_D...le_Video_Drive_
  2. nvee

    Sonicstage 4.4

    Just came across this in atraclife..looks like its only a Japanese release...anything for MD fans..not able to make out using the translation... http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4497 apologize for the double post...browser freezed first time and did not know if it was posted...
  3. There is one thing about uploading which I am not clear : I ripped a cd and transferred to disc (md disc formatted as himd) at 192 at3+. When I check the properties of the songs transferred, rights info shows up as "Can be transferred to orignial computer". Does this mean that, if I format my HDD and reinstall the os and ss 4.3, I will not be able to upload these songs into My library ? Or does it mean that the song cannot be uploaded into any other computer ? Appreciate any response. I lookat the the pinned topics but am not sure about this. tnx
  4. I recently bought an rh1 and was experimenting upload features. I transferred an album from SS to a 80 min md re-fromatted to Himd. I accidentally clicked the upload arrow again and SS simply DELETED the album from the disc!!! I found that it does it when the album/song already existed in My Library. I then removed the album from SS library (but retained the files in HDD). I wanted to clear out the disc and I chose Initialize option and it transferred all the songs in the disc to My library and then formatted the disc ! I tried this all over again. but this time, instead of the initialize step, I manually marked the files in the disc and hit delete. It transfers all the songs and then deletes! Why on earth does SS force a transfer when I know that I want to format or delete the songs! When u do not want to delete, it deletes and when u want to delete, it backs it up and deletes :-)).
  5. Got my RH1 2 days ago and I can confirm that using RH1 and SS 4.3, I hv successfully uploaded entire collection of songs recorded through Net md. I have a 707 net md with a lot of songs transferred through sonicstage and simple burner. Have not done any line in/optical in recordings. . It was a pleasant surprise for me, since I had read a lot in the forums abt this particular restriction.
  6. nvee

    Forum Milestone

    I am an ardent minidisc fan...but looks like the beginning of the end...nothing great happening for minidisc..and the forums do not have anything interesting to post ??Slow death for minidisc..?
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