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  1. I just bought a RH 10. When I played back my first recorded HI-MD, I selected menu; display; track property and it lists the mode the track was recorded in then a message like this: 01y01m01d 12:01 am Is a time stamp and I didn't set an internal clock in the unit or Sonic Stage? Help me decipher this. Thanks Kevin
  2. I tried it with one of my units and I got a Disc ERR message. Kevin
  3. I bought a MZ-N707 in OCT 2002 and it worked great up until two weeks ago. I began to transfer alot of Podcasts and I was recording daily. The SS v3.3 would transfer the files to my net MD and when I would play them back the unit would erase the disc. My other unit Is doing the same thing. Does anyone have the same difficulties? I love MD and dammit I will not buy an IPOD!
  4. when I installed 3.3, It did not touch my simple burner program. Maybe this will be the same. Good Luck Kevin
  5. Can Hi MD recorders play back standard MD's recorded in LP2 or 4 Kevin
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