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  1. can you explain more about that Protection Tab. Is it located in the Minidisc Menu. If so , how do you access it.
  2. Well I have a Sony MD that i bought like 2 years ago its this model i haev neverd had any problem with it. but recently i have been trying to put music on to it. and a error pops out. name "Device/Media is wrie protected". i know some Sony Media Devices has WRITE PROTECTION. so you would overwrite your music and stuff. I used the Help Button in My SonicStage Software , and I searched the problem , and noticed that Device/Media is write protected is for other Media DeVices. It said to look for the Write Protect switch on my Device . But My Sony MD doesint have 1. Thats a Image of the Error that pops out can any 1 help fix it? Thank You
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