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  1. hey does anybody know of any instructions out there in the internet on how to take apart a minidisc? (i don't know whether a HiMD is constructed differently but either is fine) thanks
  2. want to join a minidisc group on "the space", had a search, found one, fifteen members, rubbish. does anybody know if there is a big minidisc group on MS?
  3. uh, yeah, i guess 150 is ok, don't think the dollar price is really relevant, everything is loads more in UK. is there anywhere else i could sell in UK? i really like the idea of swapping, but no-one seemed interested, i proper want a silver rh1. where the cheapest to buy from if im in the UK?
  4. hi, just wondering, if i was going to sell my RH10l (the japanese only blue one) on ebay or some such how much do you think i could get for it? It has absolutely all the packaging and doesn't have any scratches at all I am in the UK by the way
  5. sorry these fair appauling photos, just look on google image thingy if you want fancy ones its all shiney, has not one scratch, its quite a bit more blue than this photo in real life [attachmentid=1753][attachmentid=1754][attachmentid=1755][attachmentid=1756]
  6. hi, i have a lovely, so very nearly new oh so rare blue RH10 with matching blue remote. just wondering if anybody would like to swap for a silver RH1? would just go out and get a black RH1, but got to have the silver, and spurred on by timsmedia i think that people on here are honest enough for a no nonsense swapsie. P.S i have all the packaging inc instructions and the like, got all the plastic bags that it all came in, not a scratch on it.
  7. beep gone, crisis averted, all is calm cheers
  8. johnsmells

    RH10 beep

    hi guys, just got a RH10l from japan, woohooo. only one problem, i want to turn off the beep, japanese instructions, you get the idea. any suggestions? p.s if i recharge through usb, is it a full charge?
  9. ok, thanks a lot i think i'll just suck it and see. i think that the gaps are going to annoy me like no bodies business, but i'll give mp3 a go. cheers
  10. hmmmm ordered an RH10l, i know there is problem with the MP3 on them. which would be the best a ) converting everything from MP3 to Atrac so it can play them properly b ) putting up with MP3 problem P.S, i don't know anything about atrac, whats the best one if i am converting, i guess just using the highest quality??
  11. Rh10s have letters after them also, e.g my rh10 is rh10l cos it is blue, there are gold and i think a red or maybe pink one aswell but chances are you wont get the choice anyway. MZ-RH1 is newest, but good luck finding one.
  12. thanks a lot guys, very thorough answers indeed. Will let you know if i blow it up.
  13. ok, argos it is. um, i guess it will be next to the hole i plug the adapter into, but could anybody tell me what voltage is right? also i'm guessing DC? Im just thinking it might be written on in japanese
  14. just bought myself a lovely 'new' blue rh10 off of ebay. being a japanese model it is 100V (i think thats the voltage in Nihon). the problem arrises when i think about connecting it to 240 of her majesty's finest volts. does anybody know how i can plug a japanese plug into my sturdy british three pin wall socket including changing the current so i don't turn my new toy into a rather expensive firework? heres what the IDC plugs has to say about the japanese electrical system- JAPAN (100VAC, 50 & 60Hz) The Japanese plug and socket on first glance is identical to the North American NEMA 5
  15. oh dear young man *edited by atrain* if all the cool kids were jumping off a bridge would you do it? i can see that once you were commited with minidisc, you gazed into her bright blue display, you found her quirks charming. but now over time they have grown more and more irksum, you drift apart, slowly you realise there is no love left in the marriage, you start seeing other people bitter at the thought of the time you spent together. this is going to be a messy divorce.......
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