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  1. I don't know which model it was but it was on display in a record store (Tolmies, Pacific Fair) along with a whole bunch of prerecorded discs (I think it was about 10 or 20 - Thriller was there). It would have been when minidisc was first released. It was love at first sight. There was no way I could afford it (or justify the expense). Years later my brother was in SE Asia somewhere and picked up an MZ-R900 for himself and an MZ-R700 for me. Man I loved that thing, such a great colour. I used to sit on the grass at uni titling up the songs manually. I've owned a few over the years. Here are some of them including my first which I sold thinking I only wanted HiMD for now. (Sad face)
  2. bennu

    MD Cases

    Yah still got these? Do you mean jewel cases or are they flimsy bits of plastic?
  3. Hi all Can anyone tell me if the accessories for the N10 (cradl, usb cable) will work with the NH1. They look the same. I always thought it a bit sucky that the NH1 has a unique cable but it now looks to me as though the N10's the same. Thanks
  4. Like I said, I just placed my order for 900, I found it hard to decide and am now thinking of also getting another NH1. Hopefully they'll sell out before I decide and I'll save myself some money. I liked the idea of a mini b plug on the 900, that way I can hook it up without having to carry my usb cable everywhere.
  5. Just placed my order for a 900. I want the extended battery life. Now I can go bush walking/camping for like a week and just pop in a AA with the adaptor. Choice bro!
  6. As soon as I bought my NH1 I wanted to go out and get another so I could have a spare battery, charger and usb cable (the usb cable is not a standard design). If the usb plug on the 900 was industry standard I might get that, although I'm very happy with my NH1. Happily I've also got a discount voucher for Minidisc Australia
  7. Man, I just bought an MZ NH1 about a month ago for $410 Australian (as the bundle) after a big search and a short haggle. I'm thinking of buying a second seeing as how they're so cheap. Should I get another NH1 or should I go the 900 for something different? Any ideas/quick reviews?
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