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  1. has moved to her new house (please be patient)

  2. congrats on the successful move! why not post a pic of your new house? =P

  3. Back to the top, this player has to go.
  4. Hum... Mainly because I don't feel it's practical anymore to have to carry many MDs around with me, and the difficulty I have experienced with Sony's music program. But I have to agree the the sound that comes from the NH1 is completely different from the one that comes from my Zune. The sound from the Zune is good, the one from the NH1 is excellent. Yeah, I'll probably end up keeping the NH1, but I have to let go of either it or the NH900. Whichever goes first I guess? But the NH900 is nowhere as sexy as the NH1. Mag-ne-si-um... Yum yum...
  5. aixporter bought a gold NH1 from me. The transaction was perfect: fast payment, nice communication, let me know when he received the player. I would highly recommend him!
  6. Yay! I'll leave feedback for you, please do the same for me. It is, right? I love it. I'm really thinking I will keep my NH1 and sell the NH900 instead. I can get less money for it, but it's sad to let go of such nice technology...
  7. I have a silver NH900 that I am not using here. I plan to keep only one minidisc player, either it or the silver NH1 that I have for sale in another thread. I'm pretty sure I have most if not all of the things that originally came with the NH900, and the player itself is in used, but very good condition (I always used a Case Logic neoprene pouch to carry it, I could include it in the sale if the buyer is interested). ***Please make me an offer, as I am not sure how much there are worth these days. I'm thinking of 150 USD. Also, check my MD sale thread, I have a few still left (cheap ordinary 74 min SONY MDs as much as stylish collection MDs). Thanks!
  8. Updated the thread by deleting the "SOLD" lots. Thanks!
  9. aixporter: It IS magnesium. It's wonderful, really. Edited, thanks! nrand: I did not get your email...?
  10. Thread updated to reflect lots still available.
  11. Here are the pictures of the gold NH1 and its things (at last!): Note: The player looks more golden in real life. It was night when I took the pictures and the camera flash washes out the color of the player. It's a nice, subtle, gold color. Not too classy, just enough.
  12. Syrius ~ I can't use the USPS website to calculate shipping, I'm in Canada (forgot to mention that... is that ok with you?). aixporter ~ As soon as I get access to it. *sweat* Two weeks to go... We have enough things for 2 houses in here. Ouch. We can't wait to have the house and finally have our own place!
  13. Hi! I am about to sell both of my remaining minidisc players, so I would like to see if anybody is interested in buying my minidiscs. I don't know how these are worth these days, so please make an offer if you are interested. Note: If the minidiscs are listed as a lot, I prefer not to split them. Thank you for understanding. I also have 2 quality minidisc storage units (each store 21 minidiscs) for sale. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ new unwrapped TDK "Bit club design" 4 minidiscs 25 USD used SONY 74 min color minidiscs 1 USD each (min 5 per person)
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