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  1. True, I'll try this US one and get the burner. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks for the prompt reply. OK...I actually downloaded the US 3.4 version and the Connect Store cannot be deleted so I'll start again and try the Asia-Pacific version. More of a problem might be the MD media burner. I'd deleted it with 3.2 and the US version doesn't have one. Does the Asia Pacific version? If not where would I get one? TIA.
  3. Hi again, I received the latest SS 'Upgrade to 3.4' e-mail prompt, the Asia Pacific region one. So I deleted SS 3.2 and it's associated MD Media Burner, then went to the indicated site. Thought I'd just check what HI-MDs were listed for this SS 3.4 update. Interestingly, Sony have listed my (USA) MZ RH910 but not my MZ-M100 (also USA.) I know you've said all SS versions will work here, but I'm thinking I should update to SS 3.4 with the US version...just for safety? And do you have to register again? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the replies. No mac. I bought it from B&H and they were parcelling it with Sound Forge.
  5. Hi all and thanks for the great info. A couple of newbie questions.. I have a (USA) RH910, I upgraded SS to (US) V3.2 no problems. I've just got another model, a (USA) MZ-M100. 1. Do I need to load the M100 SS program (and upgrade) or can I use the existing RH910 V3.2 version? 2. To upgrade to 3.4, do I need to upgrade to 3.3 first? 3. Do the upgrades still have to be the US versions? Thanks for your help.
  6. Action

    Music Editing

    Well I just got the MZ M100 as a kit with SoundForge 8. Came from B&H @ $US499. SF8 is a CD with no instructions, so I assume it's the basic audio studio. Thought I overpaid, but it seems average price. Also think I'll have to upload via SS 3.2 then into SF8? Anyone else got this rig and wanna share some tips? TIA.
  7. Hi all, is anyone using a stereo mic. pre-amp to record location sound to their HI-MD? I'm recording sound effects for video programs and I need a good mic. pre-amp to go between an Audio Tehnica AT822 stereo mic. and the Sony MZ-RH910. Ideally the pre-amp should have input/output gain controls, have a switchable stereo limiter and metering. If you're using one can you give me your impressions/price/and seller? And what plugs does it have? TIA. Cheers.
  8. mmm, and that doesn't sound good Rhapsody. My SS 3.0 CD came with the RH910 so I assumed they go together. Can't remember now but I think I had to input the 910 model number to activate it. Try this, delete all the cookies on the same dates that you loaded 3.0-1-2 and try again. If it asks for an MD model number, just enter a 7 digit number, starting with 50, might just work. Don't register 3.0. Good luck. HTH Cheers.
  9. Hi, upgrade and registration complete, even tho the model I have is the MZ-RH910 and the local site says MH910. Crazy huh! Thanks again Al.
  10. Hi Keith and atrain, thanks for the prompt replies, just the answers I was looking for. The RH910 is an amazing machine for sure. I'm a semi-retired pro studio owner and about 20yrs ago we paid a small fortune to get a digital recorder to do stereo PCM 44.1kHz. I think if Sony or someone could just make a HIMD unit with only the PCM features on it, with a switchable stereo limiter, great mic. preamp and ganged faders, and at $US170, they'd make a fortune. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT!...Sony have....made a fortune that is. atrain, I'll check what site the registration is at and let you know. Off to do the upgrade. Thanks again. Al.
  11. Hi, first post here from Australia. My daughter sent me a MZ-RH910 from California. It came with Sonic Stage 3.0 software which I have loaded sucessfully...I hope. I want to record live sound via a mic. to the PCM 44.1 feature and not have it erased when I transfer it to my Windows XP pro. Can I do this by upgrading to 3.2 and is the 'full version' listed here in downloads the ''upgrade'' as well? Also I notice when I charge the internal battery it turns off and has to be restarted by pressing 'chg' quite a few times. It does charge it up Ok tho. I've got a 240V-110V transformer for the power. Last question, when registering on the Sony site, there's no model listing for this RH910. It's probably because I'm in Aust. and it says MH910 in the registration box. But will the site approve the registration anyway without problems? Thanks for your help.
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