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  1. Thanks sfbp, I read the thread a few times and am not having any success. I tried a bunch of things but mostly followed the posts...I tried pasting azureal's .inf text and renaming to netmd760.inf and downloaded the netmd760.sys and .cat files. Placed all three in a directory and used the update driver function in driver properties. pointed at that directory in the update driver and got the message that basically said no driver for my device was found. I lost the ability to recognize the device with either MD or Hi-MD recordings. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to reinstall 4.3 ultimate, I finally went out to the Sony support site and successfully used their SS install for my MZ-M200. Seems like Sony is using a driver developed by Microsoft
  2. I too thought that the drivers were included in the Ultimate version. Search of Sony support, the forum and web did not yield a site to download the drivers that you specified. I am running on a 64Bit operating system. I saw a reference to SonicStage patch 4.3.02 for Vista/W7, but could not find a link to download that either. Thanks again, Matt
  3. Sorry...running Windows Vista Home premium w/ SP1. This was the first time I tried to transfer legacy MD's to PC. I believe that I was running the "Ultimate" version of SS but when I failed to upload, I reinstalled the Ultimate version from the link on md forums. Thanks again. -------------------------------
  4. Been using my MZ-M200 for a couple of years to successfully transfer Hi-MD files to my SS library. Today, for the first time I tried to transfer an old MD disc to my computer using SS 4.3.01. The MZ-M200 recognizes the disc as an MD but I get a message stating that I need an updated driver. In the transfer window on SS it indicates "no device/media connected". If I switch back to a Hi-MD disc everything works fine. Hope there is a simple answer for this and thanks in advance for your help. Matt
  5. My MZ-M200 Mini Disk player seems to randomly lose power. Most often this seems to occur during recording and of course the system file is not written and I lose everything recorded up to that point. The loss of power seems to mostly occur when I am changing the position of the hold switch on the bottom. This loss of power seems to be more related to shock or pressure (maybe moving the top lid which supports the rails that hold the disc?) than the hold switch slide action. I initially thought it might be the gum stick battery slipping because the battery slot door does not tightly lock in place. Taping the door in place and cleaning the battery contacts didn't solve the problem. The top lid also does not seem to seat fully (it protrudes slightly above the front display panel and I can press it down lower). Sometimes after I turn the recording back on I get a disc write protected error message. This seems to imply a disc misalignment issue or a faulty record lock-out slide position sensor switch???? Another problem is that the right channel always appears to record a few db higher on the meter than the left channel. This seems to be fairly recent and may be a mic problem more than a mini disc problem. Sony service could not tell me how much it would cost for repair (replace with a refurbished unit) but guessed it would be about as expensive as the original purchase price. For a 2 year old unit this seems way out of line. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Hi, I have a bunch of ATRAC files that I had saved as .WAV files. I have since purchased a new computer and the path to these folders is not where I have been storing my new uploads. I found that when I try to import multiple tracks from the old folder into my SS library, I can not seem to import the tracks as part of an entire "Album" (file folder). I noticed that when I copy the folder containing the tracks from the old folder to the new folder SS does not recognize the folder and thus does not display the "album" name in the library. Is there a way that I can import these folders (albums) and all of the files (tracks) into my SS library and see the folder and all of the tracks contained in the folder? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Thanks. Using the same folder name did work to combine the tracks from disc one and disc two. I'm still looking for a solution to changing the artist's initial so I can file the album alphabetically within my library. Thanks in advance for any help. Matt
  8. Hope there are easy answers for the following: 1) I have recordings that span two discs. When I upload to SS I end up with two "albums." How do I take the tracks from the second disc (now in a second album) and move them to the first album? ie. Now disc 1 t1 disc 1 t2 disc 1 t3 disc 2 t1 disc 2 t2 Want album t1 album t2 album t3 album t4 album t5 2) I have a number of albums that were imported without any edits to the properties to set the artist name and initial. In my library/album view, they are grouped at the bottom and in properties the artist's initial is set to other. I would like these albums to be categorized by the the artist's initial however, when I change the initial on one of the album properties all of the uncategorized albums are moved to that same initial. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
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