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  1. Think I know the answer to this, but I don't suppose this is a version of this for macs? What do mac heads use if not?
  2. I have encountered a problem with taking a recording made on my HiMD, which I have imported into SonicStage, and trying to burn it to an audio CD. It transfers across OK but I have noticed that on the CD the recording 'jumps' at the track marks. The recording sounds fine though on the minidisc. Does anyone know what the cause might be and whether there is anyway to transfer a HiMD recording to CD without this happening? I have a MZ-RH910 and use SonicStage 4.3. mercurius
  3. Hi MDane, Manythanks for your advice. mercurius
  4. I am just about to change my PC and am doing some basic maintenance. Can anyone tell me where the recordings in my Library are stored on the C drive. I would like to carry them over to the new PC but can't seem to find where they are stored. Thanks, mercurius
  5. The flimsy clip on the headphones that came with my MZ-RH910 has broken off. Can anyone recommend an alternative that is more robust. Thanks, mercurius
  6. For some reason, SS4.3 won't work with XP. Whenever I open it up and try and import a recording, it just freezes. I notice that when I close it down through Windows Task Manager it says that Omgjbox.exe experienced a serious problem. Is that a clue? It has coincided with the fact that I can't access Add or delete programmes in Control panel - but I don't know if the problems are related. I have tried re-installing the programme, but to no effect. I would really appreciate any help with sorting this out as I can't use SS at the moment to download recordings. Thanks, mercurius
  7. Hi guys, Thank for your help with this. I don't think it's the disc, having checked it. Using the hold slider sounds like a good idea which I'll try next time I'm recording anything from the radio - especially Wagner! mercurius
  8. I recently set up my MZ - RH910 to record a long opera on the radio (c.5hrs - it was Wagner after all). I set it on the HI - LP recording mode (handbook says it should give 10+ hrs on an 80 min disc) and I kept checking through the headphones that it was recording OK. After a while I forgot to check since it seemed to be going fine. Then after c.3 hrs I went to check it again and saw that the unit had switched off. It was plugged into the mains and the battery was also full charged. Can anyone suggest what I might have done wrong? Is there something that makes it cut out after it has been recording for a certain amount of time. No one else had beeen near the machine to disturb the cables or anything. Thanks.
  9. Just one final question on this and going back to my original question: Is it possible to play my MZ-RH910 back through my aging Kenwood RX28. I can't find a line out from the minidisc player, but the Kenwood has an AUX line in. I think I know what the answer is but I thought it might be worth asking anyway. Thanks for your advice, mercurius
  10. Can't believe there isn't a deck that copes with MP3!!! Minidisc format is such a combination of deep joy with the quality of the sound and total frustration with the loose ends and things that don't quite connect up. Makes you want to weep. Thanks, guys, for your expert help and advice. mercurius
  11. I have the MZ-RH910 HIMD minidisc recorder and I'm just wondering whether it is possible to find a minidisc deck that would allow me to play recordings (MP3s, etc) and also record on to it via my (aging) midi system (a Kenwood with the code RX28). What are the options - or am I deluding myself that there is a way of doing it without spending a fortune? I have seen various Sony decks on eBay, but not sure whether they take HIMD. Would much appreciate the advice of you technical experts. Thanks, mercurius
  12. Wizard of Oz, Thanks. I've downloaded Audacity, but have never used it before. Can you recommend a simple explanation to doing what I need to do to export the files from SonicStage as a .wav file and then adding the track marks in Audacity and then (preumably) re-importing into SonicStage? I'm a complete klutz at these technical issues! Thanks,
  13. How frustrating is this! I have just been trying to add track marks on the unit and it comes up with the message "CANNOT EDIT". I've tried pausing it and pressing the T mark and the same message comes up. Any suggestions as to why this may be the case and whether there is any way round it? Thanks,
  14. Avrin, This sounds fiddly and a bit hit and miss. Is it possible to add the track marks on the minidisc recorder and then re-import into SonicStage? I thought there was some sort of restriction on re-importing, but not sure about this stuff. Thanks,
  15. Avrin, Thanks for your help and advice. Is it possible to do this in SonicStage? I've already transferred the recording to My Library and I'm just concerned that SonicStage might not let me re-import it when I've added the marks on my minidisc machine. Regards,
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