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  1. I managed to get a nearly new one of these and its very nice however I find that it only displays the track info once and them stays on the track number. I dont have instructions and was wondering if there is a way to get it to display text (like other type-s md's using the remote) all the time. If not is there a hack for it to add more functions, I have the B100 and it has a lot more in its menus than the B10.
  2. Curious although the CMT AH10 wont display titles transfered from Sonic stage (in HiMD Mode) it will copy and display CD Text by direct cd recording. I never got my CMT SE9 to do that in mdlp. Its a shame CD text wasn't adopted more widely by record companies.
  3. I may have had some luck in getting mcrew uploaded have a look at your messages and let me know.
  4. Dont know if it works with X1 but I think it might as the ah10 came out after x1 and probably has a similar menu structure. You will have to ignore menus with cassette and tuner I think. Can't find any English service manuals for these units.
  5. If anyone interested in this unit here is the English menu...hold Yes/enter button for 2 seconds to enter into the menu which will be in Japanese then use my notes below to count down to the language option. Sony CMT-AH10 English menu 1 EDIT 2 DISPLAY 3 USEFUL 4 SYNCHRO RECORD MODE 5 TIMER 6 SLEEP 7 SOUND 8 OPTION-----1 CLOCK 2 BACKLIGHT 3 DISC MODE 4 LANGUAGE ----- ENGLISH JAPANESE 5 LINEAR PHASE
  6. I know this topic is over 11 years old but I have managed to get a cmt-ah10 and it too doesn't transfer song titles in HiMD mode, did anyone find out why?
  7. Cleary I'm a bit slow on discovering the features of Hi-MD ????
  8. Whilst mucking around with my RH1 and a pre-recorded minidisc, ELO greatest hits in this example, I found SS4.3 allowed me to import the album onto my hard drive. I thought Sony had protection on these disc's to prevent this sort of copying. I now find I can copy all my pre-recorded MD's on to hard drive and then put them all on one Hi-MD. Anyone else found this? Allan
  9. Anyone in the UK got the black version of the DH10P for sale must be working and unscratched. Found this interesting website whilst surfing for the above. http://www.pdemara.com:79/ Cheers Allan
  10. Sorry about the long delay in replying, I been away from minidisc's for awhile but now back again. The link is below:- http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl...l%3Den%26sa%3DN However I dont think it will work (I couldn't get it to work with XP or Vista). I use an old Sony mini laptop (PCG C1) running W2K permantley connected to my CMT-SE9 via USB. I replaced the hard drive on the laptop with 16 GB SSD this give very quiet operation and long battery life. I run M-Crew 2.5. As the laptop is so small its like using a large remote control for my SE9 which controls DVD, minidisc, radio and net radio. I also run SS4.3 as this allows my RH1 to play my HI-MD recordings through the SE9 HiFi. I got the laptop off ebay for a few pounds. Cheers Allan
  11. Is there a setting to change the display timeout from 30sec to say 1 minute. Allan
  12. Thanls for the offer I'll think about it. The Rick Wakeman Md is actually encoded in Dolby surround it says so on the sleeve, granted my system can make most things sound as though its surround sound. You can still get copies of this MD on ebay in the UK. cheers Allan
  13. My sony SE-9 net md unit plays back Rick Wakeman's return to the centre of the earth in DTS dolby surround. This is the only pre-recorded MD I have managed to find so far. Whether doing your own recording will copy the any encoded surround sound information I dont now, but if you did you would need an amplifier that can decode it. Allan
  14. Yes, do a search on ebay and there are plenty of new and used tapes. I came across a web site that showed you how to drill a couple of holes into a standard tape housing so to make the recording treat it as a digial tape. Ahh the good old days when HiFi was more hands on....now were did I put that soldering iron!
  15. I initially used the SE9 to archive my old cassette collection to MD. When I got the Phillips DCC170 the quality with analouge tape was far superior to the SE9. The SE9 has a very basic deck no dolby etc but the DCC has playback Dolby B and makes a very good analouge source for my RH1. The few DCC albums I have will transfer okay on the optical but no track names are saved. I have been on the look out for the 175 but I think they were only available in the Netherlands. Allan
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