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  1. Hi, I'm a newb in these Forums so bear with me. I have a MZ-NH1 and a MZE-10. I'm using the NH1 to burn MDs (usually in MDLP4) and Hi-MDs in Hi-LP format. Now the problem. When i record MP3s from my computer to the MD or Hi-MD via SonicStage (i.e. convert and transfer the files from the library), the songs turn out distorted (weird changing teardrops sound) and varying in speed. However, when burning directly from CD to MD or Hi-MD using MD Simple Burner, the sound is fine. This sucks big time, because I've just burnt 30+ albums (either from MP3 or CD form) onto MDs and Hi-MDs so all the fine tracks are mixed with the distorted ones. Note that the distortion on MD occurs regardless of whether the MD is being played back on the E10 or NH1. Hi-MDs have distortion when played through the NH1. I am completely sh*ted. I'm using SonicStage version and MD Simple Burner version The surface i am recording on is not subject to much shock. Has anyone ever encountered this problem before??? Just thinking logically it is likely to be either --> an error in reading/conversion/transfer in SonicStage (maybe its time to update the program) --> a problem with the USB cable --> an incompatibility issue with NetMD with the E10 and MD595 (micro)...that only solves half the problem... --> I am at the center of my very own God-controlled truman show...except its a comedy and screwing up my 10 MD/Hi-MDs of recordings at 5am provides for a much homourous anecdote for God when he's bantering with his poker buddies. *sigh. why? J.
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