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  1. I have downloaded the SS4.2 full-installer package from Minidisc website. here's the link: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...=18671&st=0 There's also a separate drivers package to be downloaded (according to Avrin's post) Does anyone know which package should be installed first? The full installer or the drivers? Thanks
  2. Well, the german pricegrabber equivalent geizhals.at is listing the A808 (8GB) for EUR 267,- and the 8GB version of iPOD Nano for EUR 197,-. We are talking about EUR 70,- / $93 difference here. I don't know how is Sony expecting to gain market share with a price strategy like this.
  3. I'd be happy to see them in laptops as HDD replacement. Mechanical HDDs suck big time and they are consuming power as hell. I'd be willing to pay $300-400 for a 100GB SSD. No more ticking noise, no more excess heat. Who wouldn't be happy to run his/her laptop for 10-15 hours on a single battery? Down with mechanical HDDs!
  4. I don't have the numbers at hand, but we can safely assume that we, as Sony Walkman users, are just a marginal 'bunch' compared to the huge iPod community. I have my reasons and explanations why iPod was/is this much successful. First of all, Apple managed to create a 'legend' around the product by joining forces with U2 and Madonna, which boosted the popularity of the device and its name. In addition to this, they have convinced car manufacturers to offer iPod interfaces for customers. Yes, they are called "iPod interface" and not Walkman or iRiver or Creative Labs. Secondly, the concept combining the software (iTunes) and with $0.99 single-track purchase option was an instant hit. Like me, there are millions of people, who would love to have a single song, instead of buying the whole album. To make the long story short, Apple successfully promoted iPod via various prominent names/brands. They are not an easy rival to defeat. Just read the message on the forum that NW-A3000 have been discontinued. Sony had announced this player back in September, 2005. It 'survived' the market just for 12 months and now it's a part of the history. For me, this is an indication that things didn't go well for Sony in terms of sales figures. Whether iPod is an overrated product or not, we have to agree that it's a huge commercial success regardless of the negative comments. Everything is running around iPod, it has a huge follower base, it has infinite number of accessories etc. Now iPod is that what Sony Walkman was in the 80s. That said, I love my NW-A3000
  5. Follow up to my post. I have installed it on top of 4.1, it installed fine, it has converted the database. I can't say anything about the transfer speed, since I haven't transferred any files yet. I might go and start from scratch to see if it has any speed improvements.
  6. Is it advisable to uninstall the previous version or shall we install it on top of the existing one?
  7. Thanks a lot for the comprehensive reply. I have checked those files, of those only one of them have the recent day as 'modified', all others have earlier dates. I'll try to move them to another folder to see if it works. Cheers
  8. I was checking my harddrive with Folder Sizes to see if there was any useless stuff and delete in case. I just noticed that under C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Sony Corporation/Sonic Stage/Packages there are a bunch of files with .mdb extension (in my case 8 files and 1 .bak file) They are taking a total of almost 2.0GB. My question is, what are they? Can I get rid of them without any side effects? Thanks.
  9. LOL! Funny game. Here's my snapshot. Note the reaction time on the first sheep. You can also see the sheep on the far left side of the photo
  10. Does SS keep a log file for files that have been converted/transfered?
  11. At the end of or during the transfers, there's a log window popping up each time to give a summary for the job that's been done. Does SS store them in a log file for future reference?
  12. Hi, Just took the plunge and registered here. I've recently bought an NW-A3000 and I'll admit that I'm very happy with it. But I know from own experience that I'd be much more happier if I could find other 'victims' and share knowledge with them. I've already learned a lot just by browsing a couple of threads. Hey, I can even correctly convert my mp3 files Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is a great forum with a lot of experts to help us 'n00bs' in case of 'emergency' Keep up the good work. I've already added a bookmark on my Firefox Links tab. So, watch out, I'll be monitoring all of you very closely. Cheers Deckard
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