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  1. Hello there. The RH10 I am using suffered a fall before some time, so it had to go to service. After a very long procedure, i got it back fixed and to my surprise I found out thats not always its the batteries that cause short life. Before service, the old stock sony battery and a quite new GP only lasted for a day or two, when they were supposed to hold for a week according to my listening habits. I always charge with original sony charger, btw. So, after service, the batteries, both old and new had their much longer life. It seems that probably batteries get dried out from use, but there must be also something in the actual MD units that affect charging! it would be interesting to know if that can be controlled from firmware or its some component affecting that.
  2. yes,i wouldnt trust anyone else. but with sony having so many products i think its the first time they had to work on minidisc
  3. i got it back to service and they have it there for one week and eventhough they fixed the screen they dont seem to know how to fix the non writing head. i have to be very cautious upon receiving it back from service, if i ever get it.
  4. i will definitely take it back to service because the RH10 cannot write!! it can playback fine but when i try to write either from SS or from player itself it remains forever on the writing system info screen! IDIOTS. but that one the other hand is very strange, has it happened before.dyou think its firmware issue?
  5. i entered service mode and realized that the screen didnt move up but just that one line of pixels(2nd) isnt working anymore.what can i do?
  6. I had the RH10 repaired and head changed cause there was "read error" message. After service the very 1st line of pixels on the screen is lost because all lines are moved up by one, so now the 1st line is the actual 2nd one. What could be the cuase of that? is it something to do with firmware, can i tweak that? I could return it to service just to piss them off, since i paid around 200$ to fix that, but im not into getting into the trouble again for something so minor.
  7. it would be great favour if you could check how much is the mz-rh10 head in your country
  8. from sony they told me they need to change the head which costs 99 euros (140$).. do you think its worth to fix it? is there a place i can find cheaper parts? im sure that in greece they are much cheaper than other places.
  9. i got rh10 to sony today aswell and told me 6 working days, so i'll post any news
  10. i have the exact same problem with RH10. did u have any progress vlad?
  11. you reckon that GP battery was fake? should i get a new one from mediamarkt? (the 1st one was from ebay)
  12. After one year of use, my sony 1400mAh battery, started having a very short life so i decided to get a new battery. I got a 1350mAh battery made by GP but the problem wasnt solved. The life was better with the GP but it was nowhere near how the sony was when new, and much less than using an AA battery with the add-on case. Also the charging procedure stops earlier than it used to, maybe one hour after starting charging. I only charge batteries when they are completely empty so i wouldnt say they suffer from memory effect. I am starting to think that the RH-10 isnt charging properly anymore? is this possible?
  13. i agree with that. it would be nice if we could find some scientific proof that indeed it doesn't really matter or maybe manufacture a "flight operation enabled" sticker. taking off and landing are so much more beautiful when u are listening to music
  14. how can an MD affect the airplane controls, i never understood...
  15. after a thread about russian characters support i tried to use greek characters with the RH10 to no luck. but today i realized that it can actually display them, out of the blue i do not know how(song#3). and as you see in the photo another song which i renamed today doesnt display correct(song#1). so its a bit tricky but it certainly can display these character sets
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