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  1. uffff ... I instaled SP2 then SonicStage3 - but SS3 doesnt worked well so I uninstaled him... Again install of Sonic Stage2 - Transfer and ups its working So I cant say exactly if it was because SP2 instal or if SS3 bringed some new codecs to my system or what.... anyway NH600 is nice MD player - soud in Atrac3+ is great... I dont care if some thinks that CD can be better - we have 1GB HI-MD ... so what... transport between PC and MD is for normal data fast for atrac3 it take some time but Im sitting in front of computer all day... so what thanx guys for some tips.... ehm I like this forum ops and Im from Czech Republic - nice to meet you MD I buyed in USA with EBay... good bussiness - much cheaper
  2. so... I have comp athlon1800 and using XP pro track is for example like this: Size: 74324833 bytes Header found at: 280 bytes Length: 6827 seconds MPEG 1.0 layer 3 87kbit (VBR), 261372 frames 44100Hz Mono CRCs: No Copyrighted: No Original: Yes Emphasis: None normal albums with separated songs its play without problems - I have prob only with logn tracks /sets/ SP2 Ithink still not installed Today I instaled SonicStage 3 - from your download - and it doesnt work... I can open - I can put into SS some music files but when I want make transfer I can do it only to my CD drive - not to MD... MD is linked to comp and on display is PC-MD... so I dont know whats happend.... any help????????
  3. Hi - I have Sony MD MZ-NH600D and I foud one problem with playing 100MB mp3 music sets transfered to Atrac3+ - after download to MD in SonicStage2 it doesnt play this files. I dont know that there can be problem with some codecs for mp3 or whats happend but every bigger set doesnt work - after push play it starts play and after 2sec its stoped and on dislay is Cannot Play:( Have you anyone some idea whats wrong??? Thanx for any answer I have to much sets so if it doesnt support I will cry because this player is exelent - its cheap model but play very good - I use it in car with cassete link to my car player and its play excelent - soud is much better than with original player... I found that my repros in car can play clear sound so I hope thats some stupid mistake in converting or somethink and that I will find here some answer. Sorry for my english
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