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  1. Thanks for the advice. It went great and I still have full bars on my battery meter.
  2. On sunday I am planning on recording a sermon with the goal of turning it into a mp3. It will be all speech and I will be using a MZNH600. It's the non-american one with line in. The good news is that I can plug the line out of the sound system into my minidisc. The bad news is that I have never recorded with it before. Do I just plug it in, hit record and forget about it? Or should I be checking levels or something? Should I use PCM or go with HiSP? Does anyone know how long I can expect a fresh AA battery to last for when recording? Sony say 3 hours...
  3. I noticed that the 1G disks come in a different case than the old ones. Is this because they are more fragile? Are they more likley to be damaged if I don't bother with the case or use one of the old style cases?
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