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  1. Thanks for the reply, irons out any questions I had in my mind.
  2. Basically a long time ago I wanted to get two tracks off the computer onto my mz-r700 portable. Usually I would have just made a line out recording but my brother said I should use his NetMd player to put them on the minidisc through the computer. I didn't see anything wrong with this so I accpeted his gracious offer. However, I've now found that my fondness for these tracks have died! I tried to delete them using my JE480 deck but it told me I couldn't as it was protected. I assume that to delete these tracks I need to go back onto the NetMd program (was it called sonicstage?) to do it. My only problem is it has long been deleted from the computer...in fact we don't even have that same computer! I'm also worrying positive the installation disc has been lost. What's more my brother's netmd player started acting up a long time ago and got to a point where it just wouldn't work properly. How can I delete these tracks? When/if I get a Hi-Md player will it be able to override the protection when formatting the disc for Hi-Md or will it say the same thing as my deck? Sorry for the overly long post, many thanks.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Do you or anyone else know roughly when a potential third generation might be introduced? Like 1st quarter next year or something like that?
  4. Can I ask would I be best to wait for a potential 3rd generation of Hi-Md or just get a MZ-RH10 now from ebay ?
  5. Sony's refusal to make any 43cm hi fi separate incorporating the technology. For me listening to my music on the move is only part of it. I listen mostly at home through my component hi fi system. I'm not keen on getting these Onkyo (or however it's spelt) systems as I just want the Hi Md part. Basically what I'm saying is: is anyone planning on releasing a separate any time soon? If not I'm gona look towards another system, like an Ipod or a Sony hard disk player. I already have dozens of minidiscs and a minidisc separate player, just so people know I've already spent money on this format and want to stick with it if possible. I mean, its recording features are its trong point and it lets me record songs from DVDs like Tenacious D's which would be difficult to properly fade and have gapless playback using any other recording method.
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