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  1. Hi I had the same Problem with my N10. Then I bought a new Accu (LIP-3WMB) for myself at Eb... Since that the N10 functions again. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get a new accumulator.
  2. Hi I have no CD in the Car, but Hi-MD with my EH70. In my Car i have a Minidictuner MDX-C8500R with a Sony Multi-Changer Adapter XA-C30. At that the MD-Changer MDX-66XLP and the Connects2 Box is connected. From the connects2 Box it goes to the EH70. Track Names are indicated in the Display of the MD-Tuner. Functions wonderfully. (sorry my bad english)
  3. Hi Ohh... Thanks, now also the language could switch over in English. I understand no Japanese.
  4. Oh, thank you I'm looking in the "Products Reviews/Pictorials" Section
  5. Hi I had uploaded three Picture into the gallery. Here the blue Remote Control from the RH10
  6. Hi I'm buy the RH10 from Japan, in blue.. with Dockingstation.. LCD-Remote control... and with BLUE Color. That is the best MD what I ever had. As long as there are mediums, I stay at Minidisc!!! cu
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