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  1. ouch... sad. but it was a dying race. anyway, i did enjoy having a MD player too, but the simplicity in other players just kept me from tinkering with it too much. perhaps these things'll be collector's items
  2. jay209


    sorry the item has been sold
  3. jay209


    http://www.vidiLife.com/index.cfm?f=media....DD4-41AE-9AFE-D is a video for those that need a little more reassurance. vidilife is converting the file as we speak and for new pictures for everyone else... sorry, was out of town. responded to all pm's
  4. jay209


    price drop to $260 plus I added 4 extra hi-md discs. total of 5 himd's where 2 are still brand new
  5. jay209


    ThANKS for the inquiries! up for sale my rh-1. as much as i really want to keep this near collector's item, there're other things i want. So here's what you get: rh-1 plus all the packaging & box. the included MD is still in its wrapper IN ADDITION i'll throw in 4 extra Hi-MD DISCS!!!! for a total of 5 Hi-MD's where 2 are still brand new! $SOLD shipped conUS international... please contact me. pictures... I was a bit lazy, so i used some of my older pictures because it still looks exactly the same. but, if you're bent out of shape for new ones, just ask
  6. umm... the amount of money to implement is way too expensive... how many of your friends have hi-md as opposed to a usb mp3 player eh?
  7. jay209

    hi-md vs ipod

    i have a mac i have an rh-1. works fine.
  8. there seems to be a gripe about every single unit.... wow...
  9. ok i realized i'm asking too much... 160$ shipped
  10. anyone have a spare or one that they don't want? i'm interested
  11. up for sale... MZ-RH10 + packaged accessories unit is in good working condition. everything is working well. I just can't justify having two MD units. I'd rate the unit as 9/10 'cause it isn't brand spankin' new w/the pretty plastic wrapping & new car smell asking $160 shipped OBO to continental US. pictures up. in the third picture, those two white lines aren't scratches. the unit is just that reflective hehe ~jay
  12. wow you guys dream big. i don't see why they would make a blu-ray md. what audience are they going to target? you're already seeing flash drive sitting at 8gb already.
  13. i'm sure for every md that's sold, there's 50 ps3's sold. eheh.
  14. sorry can't help on that one. i either charge via the computer or via the power supply. both charge without a problem. i dunno how the remote is affecting your charge though.
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