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  1. Stunning gr8 software, thanks and ofcourse all credits goes to dr void! Is there a possibility in one of the next builds of your great program u can manage /folder /subfolder/***.mp3. This is the way i like it most such as artist/album/song. For the moment i use it as it is, perfect. Much, much better than son.........bwha!
  2. 7seas

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    I also once get in test mode using those keys , but now can't get in again. Is there an exactly sequence of buttons u should use and how did u get to this combination? Just luck or something by trying?I think were close to the final unlock.
  3. 7seas

    Mp3 vs. ATRAC3

    I used to rip my CD's at cbr 320kbps. I've read about ripping to the atrac3 format will reduce my filesize by 50%. Is there somebody who can tell me at wich bitrate i have to rip in atrac3 to have te same quality as my mp3 file at 320kbps cbr? thx 7seas
  4. 7seas

    NW-E002's Volume...

    Even much better is to post the service manual somewhere on the internet as a pdf file. Thanks in advance
  5. 7seas

    NW-E002's Volume...

    we're all waiting for anybody of the admins to post the service manual of the NW-E00x. Than we can unlock the voume which is locked for all European models. correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. I've updated my NW-E005 just like was explained and without any probz. Are u sure that u run the exe file from the run dialog box and the file was in that the directory C:\FWUP; And do u have 3MB spare on your player as discribed?
  7. Thanx a lot, with my NW-E005 your program network walkman broser is a helpful tool and it works fine!
  8. 7seas

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    Sorry for the word"hack", "unlock" would be better.
  9. 7seas

    NW-Exxx Volume Hack

    Hi all, I've got a NW-E005. I've read about volume hacks for other sony players such as NW-A or HD, but has anybody find out one for the NW-exxx series? BTW : my player has updated firmware version v2.00
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