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  1. mines a pic of my dog sadie shes a little jack russel terrior whose eyes glow green from the flash of course it flashes just for those people with epilepsy
  2. ooh ooh my turn to be a smartass lol i have a radio remote that works for my 600D the tuner doesnt work of course but it does fit in my 600D and has the basic functions it was made for a normal minidisc player though its the RM-MZ1T
  3. hey im in the US u can send me them lol my email is steviep1234@yahoo.com but i suppose ill email u too just in case u dont check back here in a while
  4. ive met people with minidisc players before just nobody at my school i seriously think sony should release a cheap line of them so they take off a little more if more people knew about them then sony might actually try working harder to make even better ones it would be a great alternative to a cd player for those that cant buy an mp3 player
  5. im fine with my himd player got it refurbished at a sony store for $100 its the nh600d i only wish it had an ac adapter, a remote (it only has a remote port), and the ability to record but then again i only use it for music...... my idea about sony is if they are to lazy to make sonicstage really great then they should just allow some other media players the right to use their format like musicmatch, realplayer, winamp, etc.
  6. why are u asking? not giving an exact age but ill say im in high school.........
  7. It seems like sony doesnt even try in the US (and other places... i dont kno about md sales in other countries) it doesnt seem that they are aware that they need to aim towards people other than those who need good recorders (even though they dont seem to sell many md/hi-md players capable of recording here) if they were to release a cheap line of net md or hi-md players and aim towards selling them to people who use cd players, and have it sold at stores like bestbuy, walmart, and circuit city they could probably replace cd players. and also increase sales for their more expensive models because more people would actually kno wat they are well i just felt like saying that for no reason at all im just really bored...........
  8. wow i wish i had the money right now and a credit card i would be buying a mz-nh900 or a mz-nh1 (can't decide) hopefully ill get a nice little christmas/hannukah present although i doubt it..........sigh.............. well maybe theres a way i can get the money so how much would shipping to the US be?
  9. huh.... around the neck design as opposed to the V shape if ur talkin about my old headphones with the v-shape well i loved the sound and i was fine with how they looked since they were light its just the speakers in them are bad and crackle sometimes i kno wat ur talkin about with the ex71s but im not sure if thats wat its called i only know how noise cancelling headphones work since this is obviously kind of causing confusion (because i suck at saying exactly wat im looking for... im usually too vague.....) ill try and do the best i can to explain the kind of headphones im looking for im looking for a pair of headphones that have good frequency response good bass and treble that wont get distorted or start to make crackling sounds id like them not to be too heavy since ill use them wen i run sometimes id enjoy them being earbuds or behind the neck style but as long as it wont slip off its probably ok id like them to be comfortable id like them to be durable and id enjoy a pair that doesnt allow too much noise in (i have a very loud, obnoxious little sister ) or out (im allowed to wear headphones in some classes at school unless they are too loud) hope that helps and is not too vague im bad at thinking.......
  10. im fine with it theyre just jokin around besides its not like they ALWAYS have computer probs and i call them names too lol
  11. well i dont have a remote but if i did i would definitly buy the 40elk just because i prefer 3 line display over 2 (or watever it is with the 55elk)
  12. i hate how all of my friends think im a computer nerd just because they suck with computers and i pretty much only know how to use google and different computer programs to solve most of my problems (although i do kno a little more than them )
  13. not really listenin to my minidisc player but im listening to music im listenin to a mix of....... the offspring the bloodhound gang AFI Three Days Grace rob zombie weezer blur blue oyster cult salive alien ant farm and unwritten law all jumbled up on musicmatch
  14. i cant tell wat style they are by the pic are they behind the neck or over the ear (or head or watever) how good are they for running in? but ive never been a big fan of koss because all of their cheaper headphones suck so im not sure if i want those also im not sure i like their look
  15. iOwnTheSameThingEveryoneElseDoes wow thats a long name my idea is LAME
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