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  1. I own the NHF800. Basically the same model, but it has a radio as well (in the remote controller - this is model specific). It is a good unit. I cannot fault it, apart from the cheap looking & feeling plastic body that houses the unit. Apart from this, it is a good unit.
  2. Two movies I have recently seen & recommend are: PRIMER: an independent film about two young businessmen who stumble across an invention that allows them travel in time. The premise sounds a little silly, BUT, the subject matter is taken very seriously, and it is because of this that it ends up being a better than average film. The story, very wisely, focuses on the pyscological effects the invention has on the two men, and because of this it ends up being an extremely entertaining film. HIGHLY recommended ! 16 YEARS OF ALCOHOL: (winner of several independent film awards ..... forget which ones). Follows the life of a young man growing up in the UK surrounded by family that drink, argue and drink ! It shows how a chance meeting can change a persons life, for better or for worse. HIGHLY recommended ! Firewall starring Harrison Ford is a well made thriller. It is enjoyable, watchable & entertaining. However, it offers nothing unique. I would give it 3 out of a possible 5 stars. Recommended ? Yes.
  3. I own the NHF800 and the screen is NOT backlit & neither is the radio remote that comes supplied with it. You can however, use other remotes with the NHF800 with backlit properties. But get this ! ..... the decription of the unit that I read prior to purchase stated that the remote WAS backlit ! Alas ! Actually, it is EXTREMELY SLACK of Sony (considering the price of these units) to NOT have backlit displays on them as a standard feature. I mean, how much effort would it take. And, in terms of gobbling up battery power, all you need to do is switch it off, except for use at night in appropriate situations. Come on Sony, do your customers have to come up with all the good ideas !
  4. Many THANXZ ! I will try and find a friend etc. with broadband and see if they can downlaod it onto a Cd-R for me. Again, THANXZ !
  5. Sorry Bob ! I didn't read your answer properly ! I understand what your saying about an installation file being able to be copied etc. and then reused to install a given program, BUT, when you download SS 4.0 from the Sony website, you don't download an installation file or executable file. What happens is that the installation process occurs whilst your on the internet (ie. registry entries are created, deletion of old entries, etc. etc.) ..... & with only dial-up internet at my disposal, I would like to create my own installation/executable file for future installations (eg. after rebooting OR for a new computer), as the process takes at least 5 hours. Sure, the easy answer is upgrade to broadband ! BUT, as I mentioned earlier I can't get it at my current address. Cheers !
  6. Thanxz heaps for your response! I've tried that. But no luck. What about registry entries etc. ? These are the things I do not understand. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi there ! I'm not sure if this is even possible, but because I don't have broadband internet (I'm stuck with slow dial-up as I cannot get broadband connected where I live), everytime I get a new computer or reboot my whole system, I have to spend approx. 5-7 hours downloading & installing SonicStage Version 4.0. What I'm wondering is, if it is possible (with the help of programs etc.) to make a "stand-alone" self installation Cd of SS ver.4.0 ? If yes, what programs & how would I go about it ? I'm not well versed when it comes to the techincal side of computers & would appreciate any input ? eg. is this even possible ? Cheers !
  8. Hi ! LP2 is fine for portable listening, but I suppose it also depends on what you are listening to. I find LP2 (listening to hip-hop) via Audio-Techina earphones to be more than acceptable. And I fit approx. 15 albums on a single 1GB Hi-MD blank. At home I use 352kbps (via my MZ-NH900 line-out) for non-headphone sessions. It's all about trade-off between space & quality. (also, the headphone quality is very important).
  9. Yep that's right. I have owned a yamaha 4-track md recorder in the past (excellent unit), and they are the md-data discs that give you MD Data disc, which records 8 tracks for 18 minutes or 4 tracks for 37 minutes .... i had to sell for financial reasons, otherwise i would never have let it go ! So try searching for md-data discs on the net. I found some a few months ago whilst browsing MD equipment, here are a few links: http://www.tapeplus.com/blank-disks-md-data-minidiscs.html http://www.minidisc-canada.com/shopdisplay...t=Data+MiniDisc Both sites have them in stock ..... hope this helps. CHEERS !
  10. It's very true that the external AA battery case adds heaps of extra life, BUT ..... as I have said, why not just build all units to take ONLY AA's given that they have such a great relative playback life (compared to gumsticks) ? Who out there really wants to bulk their unit up with a flimsy AA-addon pack ? (I can see all the Apple iPod Nano uses out there gawking at my MD-unit's size already, so I imagine an AA-addon would have them in hospital with split sides from laughter). I absolutely hate the AA-addon because it adds heaps of bulk, and it feels very vunerable to damage. The only practical use I can see for the AA-addon is for stationary recording eg.band rehearsal or a concert. But in my case the AA-addon is useless, so I long for good-old AA power that lasts. I originally held back on my purchase of my MZ-NH900 because it used the gumsticks (I already owned the MZ-NH600 & MZ-NHF800 Hi-MD units which both used AA-power only). Actually, at the time I wished they had sold the MZ-NH900 in two model types ie. one that uses AA only and one that uses the gumstick plus the AA-addon), as I would have immediately gone for the AA-only model. Not to mention how easy & cheap AA's are to find & buy. If you find yourself out in public with a flat gumstick and no back-up insight, you are stuck. But, with the AA-powered models, you can buy an AA from any petrol-store or general store no problem. But, I guess that's what the AA-addon is for right ? I still hate it though.
  11. It's been a while since I watched The Matrix, but I don't recall that we ever found out exactly what was on the MD he handed over at the door. I could be wrong though ? Could it be that it was music OR even talking ? Why must it have been data of some type other than music ? And even if it was meant to be data, don't forget that he was in the MATRIX at this point, not out in so-called reality ? So I guess anything goes ! Also, since MD's look really COOL, the producers etc. may just have wanted that COOL factor to match all the black trenchcoats ! I mean who cares what the REAL function of the MD is in a movie like the MATRIX. ALSO - I have seen a Sony MiniDisc deck in Stargate SG1. I know it's a TV show, not a movie, but there you are. I will find the screen pic eventually & paste it here.
  12. Pesonally, I think Hi-SP 256kbps is more than suitable for most portable listening needs, no matter who you are, and what and on what you are listening to. I could be wrong though. PS. I listen to 352kbps ATRACplus3 when listening at home via line-out plugged into my Logitech Z-680 5.1 System (THX Certified with 505 watts RMS).
  13. Given that we're assuming the digital amps are more power efficient, I would say that the MZ-NH900 would be less power-hungry than similar non-digital amp models, not more power-hungry. I'm assuming you're saying it's more power-hungry because battery life is not very good ? The thing is however, we are talking about different battery types that power the digital vs. non-digital Hi-MD units. ie. MZ-NH600, 700 & 800 all use AA batteries. Whereas, the MZ-NH900 uses a gumstick with the possible add-on of a AA. To actually compare the "power-hungriness" of these models you would need to use batteries in each unit with the same power. I have not seen gumsticks that can get up to 2300mah etc., whereas AA rechargeables can. Gumsticks tend to stop at approx 1400mah (with the exception of the 1750mah RARE ones). So by using a 1400mah gumstick in your MZ-NH900 you will not get as much "life" as you would by using a 2300mah AA in a MZ-NH600 etc, even though the MZ-NH900's digital amp is supposedly more power efficient. These are my thoughts on the subject. Could be wrong though !
  14. At the moment I am listening to: * Kurupt - Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha & Against Tha Grain Tha Dogg Pound - Dogg Food Dr.Dre - The Chronic Master P - Ghetto Bill Gates Palm Trees & Gangstas Mixtape: Hosted by Kurupt PLUS heaps of other mixtapes * on the move: I listen at 192kbps ATRAC3plus on my MZ-NH900 via AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH-CM7 earbuds * at home: I listen at 352kbps ATRAC3plus on my MZ-NH900 via the line-out plugged into my Logitech Z-680 5.1 Surround System (505 watts RMS & THX Certified)...the sound is just AWESOME! NOTE: I have 2 recordings of each album I own on MD - one at 192kbps on 1GB blanks (for portable listening) AND one at 352kbps on 80min MD's (for listening at home)
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