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  1. ..............................................still solution
  2. ok installation is complete, before i plug in USB please tell me what USB I should put it into?? LIke how do i tell the difference? ...still doesnt work the computer does not detect still i have just opened up a brand new cable as well (usb)
  3. ok SS3.2 is installing but in meantime... why did this happen? after SS is installed then what? what if my cpu still does not detect it?
  4. done that now what?? thanks for your help so far BTW ok i uninstaled all
  5. ok, and BTW when I insert the USB into the MD it starts humming so thats how I figure the cable and MD are ok, but the computer does not detect it. ok ive read the FAQ, and i cant seem to be able to find anything about the computer not detecting the netMD
  6. system specs: XP-SP2 P41.8GHz 9200se PCI card what else??? What would you have me reinstall?
  7. Device Not Reconized-MZ-NF520D Ya so basically whenever i plug the usb cable into the MD and USB port nothing happens, I have downloaded the PA drivers from this site and Im pretty sure the USB cable is ok. PLease help
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