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  1. YES!!! HE IS A WONDERFUL SELLER!!! good communication. fast shipping. item arrived as described, in great condition. i'd buy from him again in a heartbeat.
  2. i'm kinda looking for a really cheap one. like if someone bought multiple players and has an extra one they don't need and wouldn't mind selling it really cheap. plus i don't have a credit card to buy stuff offline. i was hoping to send someone a money order or something.
  3. like the topic title says, i'm looking for an adapter for my MZ-S1. I'm spending a fortune on batteries that die too quickly when recording (you all know what i'm talking about). please help me out. thanks a million.
  4. bushpig


    i love you, kurisu. thank you so much. what do you want for it? which one is it (just out of curiosity)?
  5. bushpig


    don't argue. it's no big deal. i can't download because i'm at the public library right now. i live in williamsport, PA 17701. thanks for the quick replies. i wasn't expecting an answer for a while still. p.s. bushpig=he.
  6. bushpig


    i have a huge problem. i just got a used MZ-S1 off of a friend and there was no software included. i don't have the internet at home so i can't download the software. what i'm saying is that i need open mg jukebox or sonic stage. if anyone is willing to help me out, post here, pm or email me. thanks!
  7. I'd kill for the michael jackson and the breeders. are they still available? if you're not willing to sell them individually, what are you asking for the lot?
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