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  1. so the buyer wasn't happy at all with sonicstage (understandable, really) and decided to sell the whole thing on ebay only three days after he received it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=015 so I guess what you were saying about the buyer needing to be aware of cheaper deals out there and not bidding things up too high is applicable here.
  2. I must have a different understanding of what that phrase means than you do. To me it means the buyer needs to take care to not be fooled by the seller into buying a bad product.
  3. I think you mean suum cuique. Though if you do mean Caveat Emptor, I take offense to that. What exactly should the buyer be wary of?
  4. it's on ebay now along with the other player I'm selling. (probably should have updated this thread with the links as well. sorry about that.) 25 Blank Mini Discs Plus Free Hi-MD Player Sony MiniDisc Player Recorder MZ-RH910 +19 Blanks Hi-MD SOLD
  5. I went ahead and put this on ebay, that way if you want it you can bid the price you think it's worth. I also listed the other player I'm selling with the 25 discs so you can potentially get two players and 39 blanks for pretty cheap. Sony MiniDisc Player Recorder MZ-RH910 +19 Blanks Hi-MD 25 Blank Mini Discs Plus Free Hi-MD Player EDIT: or not. SOLD.
  6. for reference: this is the 910. Notice the white/blue-ish color scheme. this is the 10. Notice the lack of a white/blue-ish color scheme. they do have similar builds but they are pretty distinct from each other. As to the pricing, I agree that the player isn't worth $200 but the player + 19 discs probably is.
  7. lol, OK. here ya go: $200 for the whole kit and kaboodle shipped directly to you. new pic showing the Hi-MD discs plus another shot of the unit itself.
  8. bumped for the new information. again, sorry for not coming here sooner for this but university has been tough this past semester. Now that it's winding down I can try to sell this again.
  9. sorry for the big wait but this is still not sold. tried the ebay route but was borked on that and then I got too busy to try here again. I have a break in classes so here I am.
  10. I figured out why the orange ones weren't showing. Check your PM.
  11. As I mentioned in the other thread, this is my main MD player that I'm selling because SonicStage doesn't like me. Again, what you see is what you get. The earbud headphones that came with the unit are still included, and I've still not used the headphones at all as earbuds are uncomfortable to me. I've only had one transaction here on the forum but that went well. My ebay id is the same so you can look me up on there if you want. New Picture:
  12. What you see is what you get. The player is in good condition and plays fine. It would be useful to someone who wants to use it as a "workhorse" player, one that is used to put information onto discs so the laser of your primary player doesn't get worn out. At least, that's what I've been using it for. The downside is that the player doesn't play mp3's natively so everything has to be converted to ATRAC inside SonicStage. I'm selling this because I recently moved my music library to a larger hard drive and I realized a problem with the SonicStage software. That is, I realized that when I moved the files to the larger HDD I lost pretty much all of the formatting that I had been doing for the past month to the files in SonicStage. All of the dates and practically all of the artwork disappeared from the music files. I wouldn't be so upset if it were MP3's or something but it was all ATRAC files that SonicStage had imported itself. I decided that I'm not going through that again and so I'm selling this player, my primary player, and all of my discs. My primary player is a Sony MZ-RH910 and you can see it in it's own thread.
  13. I was wondering this myself. The URL provided set off many warning bells, as did the program name. I looked it up via google and got this: via this URL: http://research.sunbelt-software.com/threa...&threatid=43801. any ideas where this came from?
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