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  1. From what I see in http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/av/docs/20060602/dev151.htm the hardware itself supports kanji. However, I tried renaming a file to kanji on my Windows XP (English language) PC and then using it in Sonicstage 4.0 (English language, downloaded from www.sony.com.sg, probably an Asia Pacific version). Sonicstage refused to let me add the file to the library, claiming that the filename was invalid. So there, you probably need the Japanese version of Sonicstage or even Windows to do that.
  2. Sony never had much luck with their earlier flash players. Firstly, the design quality was too weak – their designs simply couldn’t match up to that of Apple or Samsung. Some were simply unacceptable, the bean-shaped player they had in late 2005 for example. In addition, they weren’t attractively priced. To own a Sony meant that you had to fork out a price premium as compared to Apple or Creative, and what you get is still a audio player that doesn’t look very pretty at all. That was until Sony released their E00 series in early May, which marked a couple of unprecedented firsts for Sony, th
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