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  1. Is nobody interested in this? I was hoping to get some interest by Monday. If not, I guess it goes up on eBay Tuesday July 1. Let me know.
  2. I got this MZ-E40 player back in '98 or '99 as my first MD player. It still works fine. No operational problems. It has a few minor scratches on the "front" and "back" but these in no way affect the unit's playback. This sale is for the player only. I'll take the best offer of $20 or higher by midnight June 30, 2008. That includes shipping within the USA. I'm not familiar with shipping/taxes/duties for shipping outside the USA, so if you're not in the USA and want this unit, we'll work out the details.
  3. Great find, Barock. I just checked the printed manual for my MZ-RH10 and the same paragraph is there on page 87.
  4. Thanks guys. This community is a great source of info.
  5. I'm looking to pick up a NetMD recorder/player on eBay. I see some with a reference to Type R and some with a reference to Type S. What do these "Types" refer to? What's the difference? Is one preferable over the other? Thanks.
  6. Battery issues have to be some of the most perplexing ones we can run into, since it's often difficult to isolate the root of the problem. Of course no battery lasts forever, so yours may be on its way out. An easy first test of this hypothesis may be to charge it up all the way, then insert a disc, set the player to repeat all tracks, and play the disc until the battery runs out. How long did they player run? I've owned an RH-10 for about 2 and 1/2 years, but hadn't used it for the past 6 months. This weekend, I charged up the battery and ran the player with a disc full of songs recorded at
  7. That's an interesting way to manage the batteries. One I hadn't thought of. Personally, I was hoping it was more along the lines of my scenario A. In the 2 and 1/2 years I've had my RH-10 I've probably used the AA battery sidecar less than 5% of the time. But, I'm thinking I may be using it more often in the coming months and was hoping that the AA would only be used as a "spare" for the times when I deplete the gumstick. Oh well, I guess that's not how it works. I'm still wondering if there's any good reason not to use a rechargable NiMH AA battery instead of an Alkaline? Anyone know? Than
  8. I had a problem with the latch on my first MZ-RH10. Less than a year after I bought it (within the warranty period), it became very difficult to open the unit to insert or eject a disc. Sony replaced the unit with a refurbished unit and this second unit has been working fine ever since I got it (knock on wood), although I haven't used it much at all the past 6 months. I had to pay for postage to send the defective unit to Sony, but that was my only cost. I know this isn't going to help you fix your problem (you're out of warranty), but I wanted to let you know that other units experience latc
  9. 1. When a fully-charged gumstick battery is inserted AND a fully-charged AA battery is attached, how does the RH-10 "use" the batteries? In other words, is there a specific order in which the player will draw on the batteries? I can imagine a few possible scenarios: A - the gumstick battery is fully depleted first, then the AA battery is drawn on until it's depleted. B - the player draws on the gumstick battery all the time. As it's depleted, the AA is used to keep it charged. When the AA is fully depleted, the player will continue to draw on the gumstick battery until it's fully depleted.
  10. I have an 8-month-old MZ-RH10 that I have used 4-5 days per week with no problems at all until today. The eject mechanism has started acting "sluggish," meaning it doesn't open the unit's lid on the first try. Sometimes I have to hold the button in the open position for several seconds. Sometimes that doesn't work and I just have to try several times. The last time was particularly worrisome because the unit wouldn't open for several attempts. Right now the unit is open with no disc inserted. The latching mechanism looks fine -- clean and intact. The latch moves with the "open" button as it
  11. I just received my new RH10 from Amazon.com about a week ago and have been enjoying it tremendously. I have been transferring tons of music from my computer and have already filled 3 Hi-MD's. Here's a twist on the Titling problem discussed in this thread. I have one of the newer RH10's with the firmware upgrade already installed, so I have all the Letters in my Character Palette. However, when I try to use an apostrophe ( ' ) or a quote ( " ), the unit displays either a superscripted cross or double cross ( † or †† ). This happens whether I title through SS or manually on the recorder. When
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