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  1. You are speaking of buyfromjapan. Currently does not have that remote listed. That is why I bought 3 last time for spares. (I did have one break on me recently. )
  2. So, let's say I download a radio podcast in MP3 on my computer. I transfer it to the RH1. It cannot be edited or even deleted? And I though the RH1 got rid of this type of restriction. So, any way to defeat this?
  3. I just decommissioned my MZ-NH900 in favor of a MZ-RH1. I often listen to radio shows, and use the speed control (SC) feature. What a difference! The MZ-RH1 on speed control provided totally smooth, pitch-controlled audio. Listening at +100% (2x) was not only actually possible, but EASY! I've used speed control on the regular MD business players, and they shared the same problems with audibility that the Hi-MD MZ-NH900 did ... you really can't go past +50% without losing audibility, and there are sharp "cracks" in the sound that are annoying. You really have to work at listening. In fact, I had stocked up with 2 MZ-NH900s back when we learned that the second wave of Hi-MDs had dropped the SC feature. But, shortly thereafter, the MZ-RH1 arrived and re-implemented SC, but I soldiered on with the MZ-NH900, because I didn't believe Sony would change the speed control algorithm. Boy, was I wrong!! I now have 1 MZ-RH1 and 2 MZ-M200s and have decommissioned that MZ-NH900, and have a 2nd new-in-box that I just won't be needing at all.
  4. Bump... any stand-alone chargers for the LIP-4WM battery? And are there any non-Sony versions of this battery?
  5. Right, I see that there is something called "ATRAC LOSSLESS" but you can only burn it to CD-ROMs, not transfer to MD.
  6. Just purchased 20 blank Hi-MD from Tape Warehouse dot com for a reasonable price. They do go in and out of stock.
  7. DATfan

    Hi-MD Deck?

    There are a handful of places online to buy the Onkyo Hi-MD decks, shipping to the U.S., U.K., and other non-Japan markets. My Onkyo deck is happily working on a step-down transformer here in the U.S. Easy to obtain (I used amazon.co.jp and a friend's address in Japan), quick to ship, and intuitive to operate, everything (except the printed manual, but who reads that? ha) is in English. YMMV...
  8. I picked up a bunch of new, blank MDs at < JPY 40 ( < USD 0.35) each, last time I was looking at some discount store in Fukuyama.
  9. Download Link for mplayer 1.0 rc 1 http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/dload.html Use the commandline (not GUI) version, I think the latest (for Windows) is: MPlayer-mingw32-1.0rc1.zip Command line functionality is documented here: http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1.txt HTH
  10. So, other than the fact that BluRay is not magneto optical, and uses different diameter discs . . . It's all so diabolically clever.
  11. Mplayer is easy. Never needed to look for anything else. Mplayer performs similarly. I am happy to keep the original AC3 and a down-mixed 2-channel PCM (for use with MD of course). Mplayer can be invoked to process AC3 files to 2-channel PCM. It seems to be very versatile. But it's good to know there is alternative free software out there.
  12. I have the MD-133. I am not really set up to test this (no CD player hooked into it). So I will propose a computer-based solution which I would have a lot more confidence in, anyway. For bit-for-bit accuracy on CDs, I use Exact Audio Copy, but the soon-to-be-finalized dBPowerAMP Music Converter R12 (now in beta) may have a superior ripper. See http://dbpoweramp.com/secure-ripper.htm . I think you should be able to put all such resulting wav PCM on Hi-MD. For DVDs, I think mplayer is the best free utility out there. It lets you isolate the audio you want and get it. Regardless, you can get exactly what is on the DVD (AC3, DTS, etc) in its original form.
  13. IMO it's not so much a revival as the grand finale.
  14. This would appear to be within the realm of possibility. Hopefully someone who knows more will post here. But all evidence is that Sony is not developing MD technology any further. Hello Sony Service department.
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