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  1. if you format the disk in net md mode and transfer the track you can edit it on the unit and does not say track protect.
  2. yes it does make a difference. the tracks burned from simple burned are not track protected on the disk. the ones from sonic stage are. you can upload simple burned copied tracks but not sonic stage copied tracks with the rh1
  3. if he used md simple burned those tracks will upload will upload with the rh1
  4. if you have hi quality mp3's and use sonic stage 3.2 or higher to transfer the files in lp4 they are almost not that bad and almost listenable but just almost. they sound worse when encoded straight from cd. i know that sounds stupid but its easy to hear. lp4 really sounds bad for music,
  5. i have 250 standard 80 min disks. i filled them all and just bought 60 more.
  6. i am in the U.S. i wonder how much the shipping is? how much were you looking to get for it? i am still interested in buying it.
  7. hes right if you delete the song titles you should get to 254 total tracks.
  8. i dont think its possible to transfer recordings to the pc with that deck or any md deck.
  9. some of the decks will turn themselves on if the switch for eject is dirty ot defective. that will not cause them to turn off though.
  10. if you had a net md and use simple burner you can manually add track marks as you listen the files are not write protected. does this work this way with hi-md simple burner if so he could just convert them to virtual audio cd's then use simple burner then add track mark while he listens?
  11. i have one it does turn it self on anytime it fells like it . i would still like to buy it from the person who wrote the post. it doesnt even do atrac type-r so the recordings could be better and still in sp format. i am just used to the one i have.
  12. do you want to sell the deck?
  13. i think the variable rate mp3's sound better if you consider space verses quality.
  14. i want to rip mp3's from audio cd's i own for my hi-md recorder. i know i want to use the lame mp3 encoder at a high variable rate but how do i do this and what program do i use?
  16. well i read before that the volume hack actually improved the way the unit sounded which is what i really wanted it for. someone must know how its done? anyone?
  17. you are sure you are recording in pcm mode if you are not are using ned md mode you cannot upload anything? just double check. what is the bitrate of the recorded file?
  18. i have 510. i looked at he hack. i didnt notice how to hack the volume. i really need to know. mine has a 3 mw output its not nearly enough. please help me
  19. see if the unit is set to digital input for the source. i am assuming you should have it set to analog if you are using the analog input? my deck works like that.
  20. you cant use windows media player for transfer. you must use sonic stage. open the ttransfer window and the inport the tracks then push the transfer button.
  21. listen to the recording withouth the computer connected then split it up. then try to upload it again.
  22. open th shutter door and very carefully try to clean the disk surface after you try to see if it is dirty.
  23. the mz-r55 had a line out jack. the headphone output will sound fine just set the volume to 27 and turn the eq off.
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