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  1. I used to have the DH710 and loved it. The DH710 is the non-european model so I think it is free of any download issues. i never noticed that it wasn't loud enough. One thing to note, though, is that this is a download-only unit if I remember correctly. Nevertheless, I always loved this unit because it looked so cool and it had a good feel to it.
  2. He was obviously kidding...perhaps common sense was lost in translation.
  3. Does anyone have any information on this seller?
  4. nice! Where form? I'm also looking for a MZ-NH600 - or any other HiMD unit with a line-in. Anyone got one for me?
  5. Thanks - I kind of need the money soon, so if it doesn't go here within a week, I'll probably go to eBay.
  6. Yes - please send a personal message to me with any offers, as well as where exactly you are located so that I can figure out the shipping cost. Thank you. I can assure you that the MZ-RH1 is practically new. I have already packed it so that it is identical to the way I received it from the store I bought it from.
  7. Let's get back on topic...here are the pics...
  8. Ya - I had one bad experience with a buyer who had a bit of buyer's remorse and tried to drag me through the mud. I have great feedback here, and on head-fi (other than the one). I also have 100% positive feedback on eBay (under Volksjettatrek). anyone who has dealt with me here - please speak up and let the truth be told. My most recent transaction was a MZ-DH10P which I sold to Raintheory
  9. Hi - I have my eye on an expensive pair of speakers, so I'm looking to get rid of my virtually new, mint condition MZ-RH1 to help fund the purchase. It is a black RH1 that has been very gently used. Original box and accessories will be included, just as if it came from the store. It is only 6 months old (still have the receipt if you want proof) and I haven't used it much at all. It's never left my house and it is in perfect condition (see the pics in my post below). Not sure what to ask - I think I've seen used RH1s go for $270 plus shipping on eBay. Give me your best offer. Thanks, alrose312
  10. thanks. what I meant by drag-n-drop was something that would allow me to by-pass SS altogether, like having the computer recognize the MD unit as a removable drive that would allow me to drag the files into using windows explorer. But I realize that by doing this you would forfeit all the bit rate options that SS provides...so in the end, not a bad trade-off basically, my turntable emits the digital signal that I can hook up directly to the optical-in on the RH1!...no need for anything in the middle (like a receiver) to interfere. It's just a direct signal to the MD unit which, when recording in PCM, allows me to capture a near perfect replica of the vinyl output.
  11. No one I know (including my wife) understands or cares about minidisc - so will someone here please congratulate me on my new RH1? I bought it a few days ago from B&H. I'll be using it mostly for PCM recording of my vinyl LPs (my turntable has an digital-out so they work really well together). I am very surprised by how small and light the RH1 is. I'm happy that Sony pulled all the stops with their last MD unit...nothing I can think of was left out (except drag-n-drop, but I know that is not possible anyway). Way to go Sony, you're leaving, but you're leaving in style!
  12. how do the three compare to your previously owned RH1? Does the RH10 still win?
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