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  1. markd

    NW- HD5 error

    I can still revert back to SS4.0 which works ok for file transfer and playing. The problem is with the plug in for winamp. The files transfer ok to the player and but will not play back on the HD5, but will play bakc ok through winamp. Again i ask is this one of the potected players? If so what do i need to do? I have noticed another request fro same problem that went unaswered, so i am nor alone !!
  2. markd

    NW- HD5 error

    Downloaded and installed as per instructions no problem using winamp 5.35 I can transfer files no problem but can not play them back. I get "NO DATA BASE FOUND" and then if i scroll through all the menus once and end back at "Artist" list, the artists come up.but when I play the song I get another error "CANNOT PLAY TRACK ERROR". However when its connected to Winamp I can see these files in sony walkman under portables and play them with no problem Is HD5 a " protected player" if so what do I need to do as the FAq is not too clear
  3. will ml sony work with NWA806 as i am thnking of buying this new machine? If not will it work with ss4.0 as any later edtion i get the dreaded omi error which i can not clear.
  4. ihave tried this as well as the registry edits and nothing works. SS4.0 works ok but afer deleting it all and openmg and doing all the file removals from docand settings, prgamme files etc then reebooting and running 4.3 install after remvoing omglp it still crashesd as soon as it loads, with or without my a3000 connected . Seems to be an error in ntdl.dll. Contacted sony who have come up with loads of things to trybut no good. so reverted back to 4.0 and this is working again. despite all the removing of files etc, the database of mp3 was still there, where is this stored on the harddrive?
  5. markd


    yes i will do testig as havee huge libary ofmp3s. Current plug in with 5.33 works well and is reasonably stable. Winamp occassional hang ups if I try and transfer over 100 tracks in one go. SS4,3 underr vista works very slowwwwwww and sometimes fails to respond. I album can take 8 mins. under xp ok but flakey with so many trachs 200gg. so the reason why i use ml_sny
  6. ml-sony does not work with latest winamp as the apply button did not come up for me either ( i an also using a3000). Try using earler version 5.11 works fine
  7. hi Using curent download of ml sony in winamp 5.23. If you over fill your hard drive ( ie try and transfer 2gb when only 1 out of 20gb is available on a3000) the database gets corrupted and winamp crashes. Repeated this to duplicate problem. The A3000 then trys to build a database and it either has to repair it or recovers it with only a few songs. Winamp can read a few but most of the tracks on the hardrive have gone. Is there a way to stop it trying to write more to the harddrive than space available?
  8. Try ML-sony a winamp plug in details in software section on this site. http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?showforum=24 i also have a3000 and gave up on sonic stage a few weeks ago. this plug in works a treat with a3000 I use version 5.23 as later ones have problems which are being dealt wilth. old versions of Winamp available here http://www.filehippo.com/download_winamp/?475 and here http://www.oldapps.com/winamp.htm
  9. markd


    Otiasj i would like to b a beta tester, got an a3000 and given up on soinc stage -too slow for 20,000 titles!!!
  10. Good my problems have been cleared by doing the same.
  11. ran into same problem see my earlier postings. Found the solution ( as this happened 3 times) was to remove all sscp files and imported music and reloaded and reinported files. Also ensure you re using usb2 as this will also cause it to hand. Since doing this and onyl using uSB2 on pC no further problems
  12. Wll its a month on and about 12 coonections to sscp and no probles since total reload! Great
  13. No interfernce if at least 0.2 away from nerest radio station. Sound is as good as FM radio and simple to retune. Tried the black fag lighter one found on ebay -rubbish as will only tune from 80 to 90 same band as radio2 and loads of brakthrough interference. The one i got goes from 80 to 107 in steps of 0.1. cGain is OK and comes with fg light power connector.
  14. Simple readable display in sunlight as I can not read the A3000 Line in for recording from amp Microphone in.
  15. true its illegal to use butthey are avaialble in UK. I have this one http://www.aqsound.com/store/en/view_produ...w=more_info#tab got it post in 2 days in UK or give them a call on 0161 611 7174 It works great on an A3000 just tune it in away from other radio stations, mones set a 104.6, tune in radio to same plug jack into headphone socket and away you go.
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