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  1. Here is an update from the German minidiscforum. The unit will fit into: SR50, SR60 and SR70 MT15 and MT20 MT821 and MT831 as well.
  2. partno: RCTRH8175AFZZ should fit for MD-MS701/702/721/722 and others (If you have any information please post it here). I will ship from Germany. 15USD for one Laser plus the shipment costs
  3. I am offering: POPS ON BOADWAY 1990 (Boston Pops - Williams) SONY Bruce Cockburn - Dart to the Heart - Columbia Sugar - Copper Blue - Ryko http://www.minidiscforum.de/forum/download...7&mode=view All MDs are shrinkwrapped. I am interested in all non classical music MDs.
  4. RCJ

    New Hi MD Model?

    please look at this: argos.uk
  5. I sent my error ee unit to Sony Service an they promised to fix it under warranty. So I am happy. edit: Well done Sony. So try it, if you crashed your system, maybe your service is as friendly as mine. (My reason was: while operating SonicStage the error occured.)
  6. Hi AOIX. could you fix your problem with the error EE? A friend has a NH900 with the same problem and we hope we can solve the problem as "short" described it. Regards from Germany RCJ
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