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  1. toshiba now has a 5mm 80GB capacity like what they used in ipod classic 80gb but the connector is different.. not sure if they already come out with a connector the same with the hd5
  2. thanks for the suggestions guys... it's just that I feel like collecting all the 3 colors but the red one now is hard to find.. anyway, i'll just pass on the idea
  3. it's not available here in the philippines. Actually, only the HD5 became available here. even the hd1 & hd3 didn't arrive here
  4. I already have a black hd5.. i loved it so much that I wanted to get another one.. is it still worth getting an hd5 or better get a different brand/model? If only I can find a red one, i would like to collect all the colors of the HD5 I recently saw a store that still have 2 units left of color silver for about 170USD or lower.
  5. allhands: i wasn't able to take pictures of it but here's the link that I followed http://www.atraclife.com/forums/index.php?...pic=627&hl= and regarding the formatting of the HD, i've already asked that before and someone told me that the player will automatically be formatted by the player. I didn't format my bnew HD in windows b/c it might not be detected by the player so when i'm done replacing the HD, i just powered on the player & the menu appeared right away w/o any formatting process by the player
  6. That's my mistake.. I didn't refer to it I used the one posted in the site w/ pictures on how to open it as a reference
  7. Hi guys.. i was able to upgrade my hd5 to 30gb. I can't find a 40gb that's why i decided to get the 30gb for less than 50 USD. I had difficulties pulling it out of its case & made me think of not upgrading it anymore but since I already bought the HD, I decided to continue doing it. I even broke a lock on the top plastic part where the cover of the usb resides. It looks fine but you can now pull it up by your fingers. You might encounter problems on how to remove the hardisk but I'm sure you'll find your way through it. Just be careful not to loose the tiny screws. When I turned on the player, it already shows the main menu but still I formatted it using windows and it works! the manual says that ou should not format your player using windows but I didn't encountered any problems. Just be sure to format it in fat32.
  8. will the hd5 automatically formats the windows formatted drive once i put back the old drive?
  9. thanks... i'll be upgrading my harddisk to 30gb, mk3006gal not mk2006gal as what i've posted. hope it would be succesful. i have a follow-up question. according to the manual of the hd5, don't format the player using windows. i'm planning to use the original HD of my hd5 as a removable drive in my pc. can i still put it back in my hd5? can the player still be able to read the hardisk if it's formatted in windows?
  10. simon: i'm getting confused on the ZIF connector... do i need a harddisk with ZIF connector for my hd5? i was able to find a local supplier for mk2006gal and he told me that the connector is ata or ata5 something
  11. thanks for the reply guys.. i'm an hd5 owner that's why i noticed it but got confused because it was beside the gun w/ no relevance on the scene and had no earphones beside it so how would the people know that it is a music player, they didn't even used it as a hard drive like what they did in 3rd gen ipod in transporter 2 and also in the movie of harrison ford's firewall
  12. did anybody notice the sony hd-5 in casino royale film? at the beginning.. in the black and white scene of the film where bond opened his drawer to get his gun.. is that an hd-5 beside the gun??
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