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  1. They were not, it's just the OLED technology was relatively new at that time and still - have it working after like 15 years is not bad ;D Just found this: read here
  2. Ok will give it a try and will come back with an update. BTW, AFAIK the Sony's OLED technology in mid-2000th wasn't perfect and their OLED displays are prone to fade over time ad their organic component gets too old or something like that. Maybe that's the reason...
  3. Hi 2 weeks ago I had to find something on my attic and re-discovered I still have my Sony MZ-RH1 in an almost perfect shape there ;D It was still in its puch so clean and to my surprise - its battery still works after like od 10 years of no usage at all. I also found like 25 MD + 3 HiMD didsc in a perceft shape, too. I must confess I got hooked up with them all again and started to use it. Last week, I managed to buy Sony's MDS-JB940 QS n a a perfect shape for like nothing. Connected it to my Denon AVR-X2300W and now enjoying the bigger brother as well. To my surprice, both MDs still produce pretty nice sound quality ;D Now considering a purchase of more spare blank or second-hand MD discs to transfer more CDs :-) I also had a great fun to introduce the MD technology to my bf's nephew (20 y. old) and he was socked such technology exists and said it's really fancy and he needs one to show off among friends LOL ;D Bests Stan
  4. Hi there, thanks for such a quick reply! The display was brigther at the very beginning I started to use it and it faded over a couple of next days. I don't have its original power supply or it's still there in my attic and can't find it yet) but do you think that if I power it via USD would do the trick? Stan
  5. Hi I wonder is there any noticable difference if the same recording is being recoderd/played back with ATRAC-R and ATRAC-S codec? I consider buyng a second hand portable Sony's recorder and I wonder is it REALLy worth of paying more for ATRAC-S? Bests Stan
  6. Hi guys Just re-discovered I still have the Sony MZ-RH1 and cleared some dust from it and begin to enjoy it again ;D I wonder which ATRAC version it uses when it comes to MD/LP2/LP4 SonicStage transfers and diect recoding in non Hi-MD modes? bests Stan
  7. Hi guys After a number of years, I recalled I still have the Sony's MZ-RH1 Hi-MD and found out it's still working and in an almost perfect shape. Even its original battery works fine, other accessories, too. Said "almost" because once I started to use it again, its OLED display faded quickly and it's almost unreabdable now - except when in total darkness. I know it's a common issue so I tried to look for a spare display and to learn is it possible to replace it but no luck. I wonder if any of you have any information is it still possible to buy the diaplay and how to replace it? Except the display, th unit looks/works like new so that would be a pity to put it back into its box... Any info would be much appreciqated! Greetings Stan
  8. Hi I just bought the RH1 and I am sure I will need 1 or 2 backup batteries to avoid running out of power. I called our Sony center in Poland and to my surprise I was told the battery comes only as replacement of spoiled batteries and it's not for sale in regular stores. This sounds really really wierd! So I want to ask kindly for help. I'd like to buy 2 batteries for RH1 or its replacement - but have no idea where and how much does it cost? I'd be really thanksful for any information. Best regards Stachu
  9. Hello Does MZ-RH10 support USB 2 or 1.1 only? I noticed it takes a long while to transfer large files from my unit so I just wonder because I heard it supports USB 2... I woul be really thanksfull for any reply
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