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  1. Just few days ago I've bought -A- book by: Allan L. Botkin / "Induced AFTER-DEATH Communication" http://www.hamptonroadspub.com/bookstore/p...products_id=465 A miraculous therapy for grief and loss. Induced After-Death Communication (IADC) is a new therapy for grief and trauma that has helped thousands of people come to terms with their grief by allowing them the experience of private communication with their departed loved ones. Botkin, a clinical psychologist, created the therapy while counseling Vietnam veterans in his work at a Chicago area VA hospital. Botkin recounts his initial—accidental—discovery of IADC during a therapy sessions with Sam, a Vietnam vet haunted by the memory of a Vietnamese girl he couldn't save. During the session, quite unexpectedly, Sam saw a vision of the girl's spirit, who told him everything was okay, she was at peace now. This single moment surpassed months—years—of therapy, and allowed Sam to reconnect with his family. Since that 1995 discovery, Botkin has honed IADC and used it to successfully treat countless patients—the book includes dozens of case examples—and has taught the procedure to therapists around the country. Induced After-Death Communication is the inside story of a revolutionary therapy that will profoundly affect how grief and trauma are understood and treated. "Dr. Allan Botkin's [induced After-Death Communication] probes the profound therapeutic and spiritual implications of apparent contact with departed loved ones. This book is a must read for all serious students of death and dying." —Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., author of Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon—Survival of a Bodily Death and Reunions: Visionary Encounters with Departed Loved Ones **************************************************** I'm still trying to find a harmony with this book , and teachings in the Bible about communicating with dead people. (with the SOULS of dead people) But i my self had twice Out of Body experience , and I know, it is real. Looks like > There is life after Hi-MD Cheeers, ......
  2. QUOTE(MZ Addicted @ Nov 20 2005, 05:34 AM) * Lurking here a bit I discovered I really liked the moderators and the general flow. is that A joke or for real ? Hmmmmm ? Cheeers, ... ************ I was searching on google for info site on Mini Discs - and .... "I got You baby" And I'm thrilled to pieces
  3. Just treat me like a human being, Please Thanks. What I did wrong , NOow ? Cheeers,.....
  4. Wow , - !! How easy it is to get wrong answer. One must be careful. Double checking is OF big help. This is prove that Forum with many members can correct it's self.
  5. Did any of You recorded Your self with Your Hi-MD when sleeping , to see / hear \ if Yu talk at night ? And would be there any special technical set Up involved, or just basic microphone, and connecting the Hi-MD unit to wall socket.
  6. Today nothing is pissing me OFF, ... except my shadow ... it's following me. Can't get rid of it. UGGGRRRRR
  7. Tonight on the radio program Coast to Coast AM, http://www.coasttocoastam.com/ will be (looks) like a very interesting subject, .... of nano-technology. > Not for the first time, BTW <. On their web site on the left in "NAVIGATION" is link to: "Affiliates" - those radio station that carry that program. On the right is list of topics for the whole week. Some times they have REALY great topics. On the right they have "PAST SHOWS." I listen to this program for last 7 years. For those who don't know this program and who like alternative, normal, and some times OFF the wall topics, - this is great program. I listen to it via live radio. But there is "Streamlink" available ( U can get for minimum 1 month to try it out). ===================================================== CDs - dusted OFF in last 2 days: 1/. "Brazilified" 2/. "The BEST of BLUES" - Martin Scorse 3/. " Whites OFF Earth now" , 1986 recording-Cowboy Junkies-(Canadian band).
  8. Get a fuckin' life. Yes, this is right. Or to be more proper and polite & no to upset some people: Get a intercourse-ing life.
  9. Great link , Thanks. It is bookmarked. As to Your suggestion of other type of players, Yes i was looking at them - but i think i stay with MD, [ i do have for last 3-4 years Sony MDE-JE 470 deck , and i like this technology, removable media, so I just will in this case record in real time - for me will be no struggle to take the time. And the black RH10 look so nice. BTW, now after my computers internal organs were replaced, and it's DNA restored, the whole thing was reincarneted, now i do have proper security installed. And that glass of holy water, - ... I drink it Thanks for now, I appreciated Your help P.S. do You know are the Maxell MDs any good - they are selling [on sale] pack of two [blue] for $ 3.98 CAN, it is probably like $ 2.80 USD. (regular price was $ 5.98 CAN). Till now i was using only Sony, {have 80 or so by now}. I know some people have 200 -300 hundred - Woow , that is a collection.
  10. Sparky - Ha ha , You said this in such a smooth and easy way that" >Quote<, ...."Don't worry about SonicStage"< , .... that I might really brake my FEAR-ing mind and just to keep Up with technology I will try SonicStage. I think I will, Yes, - it will be great challenge. i like reading about different technologies so i should experiment also. The only think is that i'm afraid to mess up the computer, because taking to get fixed is not fun. I had that a year ago , but I was riding for almost 3 years with out any antivirus program, no fire wall , nothing. Just a glass of holy water beside it. So i guess i was lucky any how for that long. Yes I will definitely use Hi-SP. Quality over Quantity. Does Hi-SP ( be that in real time or via computer ), does it come as MP3 - or ATRAC3 - or it is just plain Hi-SP. Cheeers,....
  11. Thanks guys for Your response, - I guess it is to bad that it is not working with Hi-MD, ...? ...from what some people are writing they still have problems with transferring music from CDs via computer to their Hi-MD units using that SonicStage [?] program. And in next few days i will be ordering from Sony RH10 unit. I guess I will transfer my CDs in real time in Hi-SP via line in on RH10 to 1Gig Md. I have no nerves, and experience with music on computer, [ i have no music in MP3 format on my computer ] and have maybe 5 CDs that i downloaded but don't play via computer, only via home stereo, ....so that makes me one maybe 2 steps above 8-ight track on music technology scale, ....Ha ha 1]. Are they any possible complications with real time CD recording /transfer to Hi-MD. 2]. And apparently i can transfer same CD only one time - even via line in, or that applies only to transfers /downloads via SonicStage, ATRAC3 on computer. Or that depends on particular CD if is coded, [.... like some kind of wild beast no to be reproduced more then once ]. I have saved articles with that info some where , but if You be so kind and forgive me my laziness at this moment and answer me this: 3]. Recording via line in to RH10 in Hi-SP mode on 1 Gig MDs, - do I have a choice of MP3 or ATRAC3, - or those are only available when recording /downloading via computer, and the line in real time recording is pre-set to those 3 settings [PMC, Hi-SP, Hi-LP] , -- and MP3 or ATRAC3 is not even applicable to those settings. My Sony Mini-Stereo has optical line out, and analogue RCA out. But I could do real time recording with optical to RH10 -Yes [?]. Thank You, .....
  12. I think on this Forum i read a post and He [the post author] was talking -but just briefly- about Ogg Vorbis? http://www.vorbis.com/faq/#replace What is Ogg Vorbis? "Ogg Vorbis is a new audio compression format. It is roughly comparable to other formats used to store and play digital music, such as MP3, VQF, AAC, and other digital audio formats. It is different from these other formats because it is completely free, open, and unpatented". "Does Vorbis completely replace MP3, or is it just a complementary codec? Ogg Vorbis has been designed to completely replace all proprietary, patented audio formats. That means that you can encode all your music or audio content in Vorbis and never look back". ===================================== 1]. Is this something that is the "New kid on the block" ? 2]. How, (and will ?) this technology bypass the encoding on CDs. ? Possibly You already talked about this here in deeper aspects , but my question would be, - 3]. will be possible to use this Ogg Vorbis to transfer music from CDs to Hi-MD in faster time (not in real time). It is explained on their web site that transfer of MP3 music using Ogg Vorbis is not suggested to be done, the reason for this it is answered in this question: Can I convert my MP3 collection to the Ogg Vorbis format? One of the statement they make is: ....>partial Quote<... "When encoding from originals, you will find that you can make Ogg files that are smaller or of better quality (or both) than your MP3s."< And this has very interesting statements: What does the “Quality” setting mean? >partial Quote<..."For now, quality 0 is roughly equivalent to 64kbps average, 5 is roughly 160kbps, and 10 gives about 400kbps. Most people seeking very-near-CD-quality audio encode at a quality of 5 or, for lossless stereo coupling, 6. The default setting is quality 3, which at approximately 110kbps gives a smaller filesize and significantly better fidelity than .mp3 compression at 128kbps."< 4]. Wonder if anyone here did use this program, and how it worked, ... but I guess it will not work with Hi-MD, ....or will ?. Thanks, ......
  13. Yeh, it is bit almost hypocritical that black-african americans can use the "n" word to call them self's , ....but when others are using it is not politically correct. I don't get it. If african-american people said, nobody should use this word, ...then I agree, but in this double usage case it is bit ridicules. Especially that source of that "N" word is from the name of a particular country. But to respect their concerns I do not use it, but raise my eye brows when i hear them self's using it.
  14. This is very funny exchange - at first it looks a bit serious, .....but it is so innocent and friendly. I like when people have sense of humor Someone said: serious - You only lay down in tha casket Cheers,......
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