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  1. It would be very helpful for me if I could get a comparision for the functionality of HiMDRenderer and WinNMD for NetMD users. I am satisfied with WinNMD and sent the author the registration fee. However, I would like to eliminate some of the config steps that I go through each time that could be automated, particularly having to us oggdropXPd to convert the wav's to ogg vorbis. Thanks.
  2. Don't plan to start the urination olympics, but as some are concepts, some (or most) are discontinued, some are/were not available in the US, and some of us are not stereophiles, I find it a lot more helpful to get a recommendation on something that is actually available and someone has seen. Once again, CD, MD, and Aux In... has anyone seen one for sale in the US?
  3. FWIW, the table of MD equipment is a great service, a great way to see an item and read some specs, but a poor way to make a purchasing decision. These look very neat. I really want one with a mini-stereo plug on the front for my DAP. Are you aware of any CD/MD/ w/ Aux in? Thanks.
  4. Funny, my Neuros is still running like a champ doing exactly what the company advertised it would do, plus! Sorry to hear that yours didn't work out.
  5. I just bought the ccrane model. As with all ccrance stuff I have purchased, it is well made and pricey. I bought the mobility kit also. I followed the directions on the Internet to crank up the output power and it works well. I live in the DC area and our dial is pretty crowded. I can put it on an open freq between two strong stations and it works like a champ. It tunes the entire FM band and does everything you need. I am not humping their product and hope you can find something that meets your need at a lower price, but if you want to make one purchase and get the job done, I don't think you can beat ccrane.
  6. How about a slight twist on the above scenario. I primarily want to rip my MD's to 192k ogg vorbis. I have been trolling eBay and the Internet for a NetMD deck with optical out. So far, no joy. There have been two 980's from the UK, but both went a bit higher than I wanted to pay and one seller seemed a little flaky. I am really wondering whether it is worth $200 just for the digital/optical connection. I like the convenience of NetMD/WinNMD, so I really am not interested in having to do all of my own titling and tagging.
  7. Looks like Sony does several. There are a few up on eBay: http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?f...inidisc+changer
  8. I am interested. I have a pretty broad variety of music. Not much country, but will rip some on request. Nearly all of my collection is ripped to ogg vorbis q6 (~192). This has worked fine so far for creating MDs. I don't have HiMD. My N910 is my newest MD recorder.
  9. Sonicstage works about as well as any jukebox software I have used. Leviathan hits the nail on the head. The DRM mania and other proprietary, heavy-handed BS has encouraged me not to use SS.
  10. There are quite a few on eBay: http://electronics.search.ebay.com/squeeze...Z300QQsacatZ293 Also looks like Slim is running a sale where you get $100 off the second one. Nifty device and I notice it has Ogg Vorbis support (woot).
  11. I suppose that I have 30 or so. I buy a few off eBay. I am not a collector, so I don't pay more than the CD would cost.
  12. I got a battery and wall charger for $7.99 on eBay. The wall charger it pretty basic, but it works.
  13. Thanks I have seen those and that is my backup plan (actually the cheaper version). I am looking for the same ones that pre-recorded minidiscs come in. I suppose they are manufactured for SONY and not available retail. However, I figured if anyone would know, it would be the MDers here. Thanks.
  14. Just to be clear, a wireless hub should be sufficient. They may not be any cheaper, but I would check on eBay. Also, I doubt there is anything unique about the USB wireless adapater. If using a PCI or PCMCIA adapter would allow you to put it on a more convenient computer, there should be no reason you couldn't do that. Just make sure there are drivers. I imagine that you will have to be running at least Win 98SE to find drivers for an 802.11b card. Good luck.
  15. I got one for my N910 a few weeks ago on ebay. There was a fellow in the UK selling them in quantity. I beleive that I got mine for less than $10 shipped. I can't find any on eBay now, but either set up a search or check back every few days. I think you will find one. I haven't used mine yet as the battery life is already so good with my N910. I know the battery for the N10 is different, but FWIW, I got a great deal (like $9) on an extra battery with a charger for my N910. The battery was the reason I bought the N910 instead of the N10. Good luck.
  16. Maybe you dropped a 'don't' but they don't come with their own MP3 player, just headphones. http://us.gizmodo.com/gadgets/portable-med...buds-136777.php However, it looks like we would need a minidisc/ogg (ok mp3 too) player with bluetooth capability to use them.
  17. I believe that the MDS-JE780 is also a NetMD deck with digital/optical out. I have been looking for a 980 or 780, but have yet to find one in the US or anywhere that ships to the US. I have a 'wanted' and 'search' on eBay, but no joy. I would be satisfied with a portable NetMD with optical out if I could find one. I am using WinNMD with my 910 and I have no problem (whatsoever) giving the author $15 for the effort. The FreeDB integration saves a lot of time and potential mistakes. If the author would add ogg vorbis encoding and ID3 tagging, it would do everything I need. Right now, I use WinNMD to rip to wav and then OggdropXPd to encode to ogg (192kbs), tag and create the playlist (M3U). Not too bad. If you are in the US, like me, the 780 can be had from Japan Direct for $438 (plus ship) http://www.japan-direct.com/cartitem.asp?prodid=408 or, Audiocubes ($449 w/ free ship) carries the MDS-S500 which also seems to be a NetMD deck with digital/optical out http://www.audiocubes.com/product/Sony_MDS...iDisc_Deck.html I welcome any feedback from folks on the MDS-S500.
  18. Does anyone sell replacement jewel cases for prerecorded MDs? I have a bunch of broken ones.
  19. I got mine direct from Sennheisser on their website. $5 and $5 shipping. I use them daily and already have a small tear. However, this is probably my last set of pads. WHen this one goes, I will toss them. Good luck.
  20. lingenfr

    No Copy

    Do some googling on SCMS. There is a solution on eBay for around $50 and the M-Audio CO3 has been going for around $75. I don't have the need or I would go with one of those. I think that is the problem you are seeing, but someone smarter than me may chime in.
  21. Those do look neat. However, I can't keep that type in my ear. Hopefully they will rethink the hard plastic cylinder approach.
  22. lingenfr

    CASIO ZD-3

    Is that the lettering on the zigzag rolling paper or do you have another meaning?
  23. As the subject says. I am thinking a home unit, but a portable may work as well if there is such a thing. I have seen the MDS-JE780 and the MDS-JB980. Either of those would be fine. They don't seem to be available here in the US. PM me if you have something or reply to this thread. Thanks.
  24. Is there a similar program for NetMD or will this one work? Looks like Tjerk asked the same question some posts back and never got an answer. I would assume that the file that this program is parsing has a different name and maybe structure on a non-Hi MD, but I don't know.
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