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  1. Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to ask for help, anyway: I have a MZ-N505. Some days ago I transferred some song using Simple Burner. After I remove the USB cable, nothing was on the MD. I tried recording from CD, with optical cable: nothing. I tried an old LP2 MD, and it reads just fine...but it won't record anymore... Any suggestion? I have a Hi-MD, so I don't mind, anyway, it bothers me to have a faulty unit. Miky
  2. I wanted to buy a 10MD pack at minidisco...it offers me 64$ of shipping costs to italy...I wonder what is the price to ship to Mars...
  3. I think I like MD units just the way they are. They could perhaps have three major designs: -"Serious" (black, silver...) -"Cool" (Ipodish, or whatever you may consider cool) -"Funny" (I don't know...like a pink unit, with Hello Kitty's prints, or comic's heroes prints, for "boys"...) Well. I guess the marketing section of Sony could do much better.
  4. chico75pi


    Hi-MD has changed my life. I've got 15 Hi_MD media or so, and many MD formatted with the new standard. I'm still recording something on my old Net-MD for short travels and so on, but with an Hi-MD and a single battery (I buy 10 AA batteries at Ikea, for 1,95 euros...that's a real bargain!) you can go on as long as you want! I'd like the display to have a light, though... Miky
  5. Great project! Good luck!!!!!!!
  6. It would be just great...oh my...
  7. The camera is coooooooool
  8. Since I bought it (now I have a Hi-MD, so I don't bother too much) my MZ-N505 had problems with the buttons. When hitting FFW sometimes it goes to play or to stop. When hitting stop, sometimes goes to play... It's very annoying...
  9. I love simple burner 2 "one touch" transfer... I actually also use it in synergy with M3U2SBurner...
  10. I only use SS for the uploading process...
  11. Yes, gapless recording/playback is something great... Miky
  12. I'd like this article to be posted as comment on all those stupid reviews against the new unit...
  13. I'm with you...the playback quality, even at low bitrates, is stunning...
  14. Spider Saloff - Like Glass Go to CD Baby to see details and listen to audio samples
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