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  1. I just bought one of these off Ebay for $25 plus s/h. It arrived and it was in excellent physical condition. Not even a scratch I could really see. No problems with it either, other than missing the remote. My pocket pc fixed that though. I had played a few disks in it, and after about the 5th disk it started doing something weird. It would play, then just stop. I could start it again and it would keep playing. I read around and figured that maybe cleaning the head might be in order. So I did this. It took a while, but I managed to get the MD module out of the deck, clean the heads with a q-tip and alcohol and sufficient dry time. Has been great ever since. Just wanted to share my experience with cleaning. I thought I was going to have to contact the seller, but I was glad I didn't. Got it all sorted my self Here's a picture of the deck if your interested:
  2. I didn't just buy these, I have had them for a while, but I got a set of Mach Ones for $70. They looked pretty rough when I got them, but I did a little bit of work and got them pretty respectable. They had a dark almost black finish on them that came off with some time and lots of Fantastic glass cleaner. About 10 hours went into just getting rid of that stuff. This was taken the first night I brought them home. After cleaning, the finish came back to almost red in color. All in all, sounding great
  3. This seems pretty cool, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
  4. I just picked an HP DV2-1044CA. Great little sub-notebook if you ask me. AMD Neo MV40 CPU @ 1.6GHz (Single Core, Dual Core model is available I think.) 4GB Ram, DDR2 667 ATi Radeon HD 3410 (Dedicated Graphics) 12.1" LED Display 250GB HDD Windows Vista Home Premium (I got the Win7 free upgrade kit ordered already) Webcam External DVD+/-R/RW Lightscribe Drive I sold my Asus F8 and my HP Tablet and replaced them with this little computer. This is all I need.
  5. I have the same model and I can verify that having a dead battery or no battery at all, will not disable AC power function. In other words, you can take the battery out and the AC power adapter will still operate the unit. I wouldn't bother wasting money on a new battery until you know the one you have currently is defective anyway. The only thing I can figure, is the socket has come off of the main board. Fairly small solder connections to the main board on these unites. Mine felt flimsy when I got it. Try checking the connections on the board to make sure they are OK.
  6. Yay mine came in today. It actually came in yesterday, but my brother didn't feel it was his duty to answer the door when I was at work. The only thing that bugged me was the government taking a nice little sum of money from me for "Import fees". Another $35, bringing the total to about $180, still less than elsewhere though. It came in and it's perfect. I'm glad I actually got one of these models, nice features in it. I love having the speaker for when I'm working on something in the basement or what not. Overall, I'm extremely happy with this little recorder. Thanks a ton for putting the trade together and letting us know about it Skogens!
  7. Need pictures O_o hehe I love new toys, mind should be here Monday or Tuesday I imagine.
  8. Ah man, some of the youth of today (Younger than me anyway) are not too keen on learning much of anything are they? I use to have an old Sony tape Walkman. It was a Sony Walkman F1 (Exactly the same one that is pictured in that article by the way ). It was a fairly large player, 4 AA batteries, probably about 1 1/2" thick, but I'll tell ya, they don't make stuff quite as strong as that anymore. That thing is still going actually, and I used it when I was around 5 or 6 until maybe 12 or 13 when I got a Sony CD player. So it lasted with a young kid for approximately 6 years. I use to get my dad to make me tapes on his stereo then I'd take that thing with me everywhere. I loved the idea you could get sound from a thin piece of plastic tape on two reels, and with that player the sound quality was pretty good if you ask me. It did't have any form of Dolby NR or anything, but my Dad's deck in his stereo has Dolby HX Pro. Cassettes and MD's go hand in hand in my books
  9. Mine came to 155.55 CAD lol Paid in full, so I can't wait for it to arrive now, 2 - 3 days airmail
  10. Those pictures came out pretty good narp. The RH1 is an awesome player, it's all I use for playback in the house. When I leave for work, I take my NH600D with me for the stereo in the truck. Tape deck works pretty good when coupled with the adapter. Awesome deal from ebay, hope you have fun with it!
  11. I love MDC, they ship fast and the cost is pretty reasonable. I ordered my RH1 from them, 2 packs of 30 Maxell MD 74's before they stopped selling those, and a ton of the Sony MDs. Tape city has some pretty cool discs too, maybe I'll see what it'll cost to get some discs shipped.
  12. What others do you have mate? I would be interested. Live on Two Legs might be cool to get, but Pearl Jam's live stuff didn't do much for me.
  13. One problem I have found with ebay is people sit and wait until the exact end of the listing to post a bid. I got outbid on like 10 Pearl Jam copies of Ten like this. I'm in the same boat as you, I'd like to get a couple pre-recorded MDs just to have them. I have never seen a pre-recorded MD in person, so it would be pretty awesome to get one.
  14. I can't wait until this comes in now, hopefully there is enough people ordering now
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