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  1. Can anyone tell me how to listen to the microphone in the Roland while recording, but not record the sound? I could have sworm when I tested it yesterday I could hear it as I played but it wasn't recorded. I'm using the RH-10 directly cabled to the Fantom. Today I couldn't do it! Is it possible? (I find it hard to maintain a constant beat by following a flashing light! (I have to record a bunch of songs for an exercise class). TIA. Isabel That was supposed to be METRONOME...not microphone! Arghhhhhhh!
  2. Here's why I wonder if I can upload from a non-Hi MD disk from an RH-10 via the usb cable QUICKLY...it's a quote from a message sent to me: "Be aware that Hi-MD's are not that easy to come by - you'd probably be better off buying a stack of MD's to begin with, unless you plan to record long stretches of sound in PCM. You can also record in ATRAC3plus (the codec Sony uses in MD/Hi-MD), and convert it to WAV in Sonicstage once you have uploaded it. The resultant sound is not 'CD perfect' but is still a darn sight better than WAV recorded on a camera."
  3. Can I still upload via the usb cable if I don't use a Hi-MD disc? I am total new to Minidisc usage and trying to get up to speed with the basics before my Sony MZ-RH10 arrives. TIA. Isabel
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