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  1. I have tested VLC. It can play unprotected AND protected OMA files But with my prefered audio player (AIMP) it can only read unprotected OMA files
  2. If you can find it you need to have Windows in Japanese too
  3. You can do this way but think you can lose some informations due to conversion MD to PC : MD (digital to analog) -> PC (Analog to Digital) -> Audacity. It's the easier/cheaper way. If you want to keep the digital signal you must acquire a MZ-RH1 to upload your songs to PC but the device is now expensive and rare
  4. I'm not so annoyed by this. Generaly I'm transporting MD unit in a MD pocket attached at belt. On most of remotes you can change the way of the clip On the RMMC40EL it's easy : just rotate the clip. On most of them just remove it and change the way.
  5. You're right MDX-400 Any Hi-MD can receive PCM if the MD is formated in Hi-MD.
  6. MZ-M200 and MZ-RH10 are the same machine. The first includes the Apple Mac program to transfer between Mac and Minidisc. You just need to install SonicStage onto your computer to transfer PCM to your Minidisc
  7. If I remember, you must use Japanese Windows and Japanese Sonicstage to use Japanese Characters on MD. If anyone can confirm?
  8. 1. How old were you when you first 'bought into' the format? 21 2. Do you still regularly use your very first player? Yes 3. Do you regularly 'use' your items, or are some purely of interest as a 'collector'? Some of them : yes. But others are rarely used. 4. Do you listen to 'new' music on your discs, or prefer to keep the format for music 'of the era'? Yes 5. Do you own more items than you can 'practically use'? Yes 6. Did you 'go away' from MiniDisc', only to return to it at a later date? No 7. Do you associate use of your player with 'fond memories', or is it a purely 'practical' consideration? practical
  9. Amazing! Nice Job! It really looks like a pressed MD but with labels on the disc itself!
  10. No! It's the unique remote with 3 lines go to http://minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html
  11. Your carstereo Dallas MD70 is a Non-MDLP unit. Are you sure you have transfered tracks in SP Mode? Maybe tracks are encoded in LP2 or LP4.
  12. I've tried to do the same (I have a US model too) and make a video of the demo mode : enjoy
  13. It is menttionned in the description of your new VAIO "2 HDMI ports (one for input from a TV or gaming console, one for output to a second monitor)" Try to connect to the other HDMI port, maybe you tried to connect to the input instead of output
  14. Hello PhilippeC! Mine too (NH900 won't charge and have button problem) and when I connect it to my MD car radio, it turns on repeat1 itself randomly... What are the things I must do to fix it? I also understand you're french too? If possible you can PM me in french, cause my english is poor
  15. Hi! Welcome to the MD Forum! Just use a simple USB ->mini USB cable.
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