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  1. Sadly, that wasn't me. I'm not financially in a position to buy anything at the moment, but I will certainly be using that site in the future.
  2. I can't believe you found an NH-1 so cheap! I'm extremely jealous.
  3. Is it possible for people in the US to buy things off yahoo! Japan auctions? I notice, for example, that the auction you linked does not support overseas shipping (for a $26 mz-e630!!!).
  4. I would still LOVE an MZ-E630. Has anyone ever seen one for sale? Anywhere? I believe they're simply a myth perpetrated by Sony to make us rabid minidisc users think there's more out there than there really is...
  5. I'm finally going through an internet radio show I did this past semester in college. I recorded each show via line-in on my RH1. I never pressed t-mark during any recordings. However, each disc (while being recorded) had been separated into several tracks of random times. Some are 18 or 30+ minutes, others are less than 1 full minute. What might have caused this? Does it automatically make a track mark when silence is registered? Also, does anyone know of an easy method to fuse all the tracks into one big track? I'm currently converting them to .WAV and was going to edit them in Audacity, but I know that will be a pain in the butt and I was hoping to find an easier way. Any thoughts?
  6. whatsleftofj


    What a steal! My e900 is my most used unit (my "car unit"), and I would've grabbed another for $25 in a heartbeat! I never bought a gumstick charger, just use my AA sidecar. Great unit, simple and beautiful. Hope you really enjoy it
  7. This huge electronics store near me, Abt (www.abt.com), had a few Sony 80-minute 8-packs recently. When I offered to purchase what I believed to be the last of the stock, the associate told me that they still regularly receive shipments of minidiscs, although they only sell a few packs every month. So either Sony has a stockpile they're still shipping, or they're still producing them.
  8. I had to brag about this one. Last weekend I drove an hour to meet up with a seller I found on craigslist. Bought a mint MZ-M200 (RH-1 + mic) with all accessories, an armband holder, and 9 hi-md discs (most sealed) for $225! Needless to say I dont think I'll ever find another deal like that again
  9. I just got my MZ-E10 from him. Perfectly packed and shipped, arrived pretty quickly (considering it had to go from Australia to Chicago). Would gladly do business with him again.
  10. I would be interested, but the price paid would depend on the unit. For an R-900 or N10, I'd pay appx. $75 (more for a cool color). For an E10 with a good battery, $150.
  11. I'm in need of a recorder. I have a DH10P for downloading and an E900 for playback, and I need the perfect compliment. I've been yearning for a blue R900 for ages, but before I go through with the purchase I want to get the opinions of any owners out there. The N10 is the other unit that I've always wanted to pick up. Since I have the DH10P, I really don't need any computer connection, and as long as it's an MDLP recorder, I'll be happy. But I really don't know the pros and cons of owning/using each of them. Would any owners of either of the two units like to try to sway me one way or the other? I think my heart is with the R900, but I just want to be sure that I'm not going to miss out on anything better I could've had with the N10. Or is there a better MDLP recorder that I'm completely overlooking?
  12. My DH10P does the whole reboot thing, and when I took it apart ages ago I somehow LOST one of the little screws! So, sadly, it has been reduced to a mere downloader for my E-900.
  13. ...and here I come with my x-mas money hoping to get a minidisc unit from my man in Japan! I'm very sorry to see you leave the forums, but I understand when life makes other priorities for you. Your presence (and the way you are able to provide such amazing MD units to us) will be greatly missed. Wish you all the best.
  14. GuitarFxr, I completely love you for the dedication you put into keeping md alive and AVAILABLE to so many of us who don't have access. You are the patron saint of minidisc preservation, and I (and I'm sure many others) greatly appreciate it I may (hopefully, if money permits) be interested in that R900 in the near future, although I had been holding out for a red or blue one. Does anyone recall who had the gray N10 for $100 not too long ago?
  15. will be 26 in a little over a month
  16. oh, how i wish i could win the lottery... if i came into $20 million, after taxes, i'd gladly give him 5 for that collection. and although it might sound blasphemous, i would have the entire catalogue digitalized solely to preserve them all. like he said, such a small portion of music was put on cd, let alone made available digitally... god, what an amazing life's work to show. ONE MILLION RECORDS. absolutely incredible...
  17. Not using a voltage converter! Don't know the first thing about 'em, where to find 'em, etc.
  18. This may be something really simple, as I know nothing about charger conversions from country to country. My wife and I live in America, and she has an EH-50. Hasn't used it in about a year. Charged it this morning for a few hours, the red light on the side was on, and then it just wouldn't play. We just tried charging it now, and there was no light on. So we took out the disc inside, and then when we put it on the charger the red light blinked for a few seconds and then went off, which leads me to believe it is not currently charging. As has been stated on the board before, there are no English instructions to be found anywhere. Does anyone know anything about what might be the issue? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. Saw The Dark Knight twice this weekend (once on IMAX, once on regular screen). Absolutely amazing. Heath Ledger's Joker blew me away, as did the rest of the film. Two and a half hours, yet not a slow second in the film. Everything about it was incredible.
  20. So... I'm considering ditching HiMD. I bought an NW-A808 mp3/atrac player off someone on the board (sorry, forget who) late last year. I've barely used my minidisc since. Call it laziness, but I never really invested the time in making a collection of discs; instead, I would just make a new 1gb disc each morning before work/school. Naturally, the mp3 player is easier. HOWEVER, I don't want to give up on minidisc completely, so I think I'm just going to switch to NetMD for the rare occasions when I just want to record something or listen to stuff on headphones in great quality. As such, I'm open to sale OR trade for NetMD/MDLP recorders or players, such as an MZ-N10 (yes, the dark gray Japanese in someone else's thread is VERY appealing), E10, or R900. The MZ-DH10P was mentioned in a recent thread I made (see that one for pics), and the RH1 is used but completely mint condition; no scratches (always kept in that gray pouch thing), comes with box and all accessories except the SonicStage disc (unless I can find it). See pictures below. I don't really have an exact asking price, as I'll give a discount if you purchase both, and if you want to trade-and-pay then I'm open to negotiations as well. I also have 5 sealed (crystal-blue) HiMD discs, and 2 or 3 open (I think 2 of the old style, and 1 crystal-blue). Nothing is set in stone, so let's talk!
  21. (copied from my Audio T-Board post) I just moved and am in dire need of quick money, so I'm reluctantly letting go of one of my cherished mindisc units (the RH1 and E900 are stayin' with me!). This isn't in mint condition-it has a few scuffs, and the little lock-part on the front of the unit came off right after I bought it. That has no effect, however, as it still holds in place in the charger. The screen is safe as I have a screen protector covering it. I'm hoping to get $350. I'm offering it here first before ebay, but odds are I'll be putting it up there later tonight or tomorrow if no one is interested. In summation: unit is not mint, but works perfectly. Asking $350, though I'd DEFINITELY entertain trades + money (I can't help it, md's are an obsession!!) I also have some sealed Hi-MDs I can include/sell. Let me know.
  22. Just got back from Indiana Jones 4. My advice: don't see it! Very disappointing on almost every possible level, I'm sad to say.
  23. I was quite let down when the Sony Style store near my house stopped selling mindiscs late last year, although (as you all have stated) they're quite readily available online still.
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