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  1. I own one. I found this video review on youtube about the MZ-RH1. The video quality is poor but the good points of the RH1 are well put out - I just wonder how many of those who watch the video will still think that having 30 Gigs of mush on a heavy Ipod is better than having 3 or 4 gigs of the best quality on a Hi-MD PCM recorder.
  2. Because nobody posted recommendations for a good analogue portable recorder and because also my NH1 died two days ago, I purchased the NH1 yesterday. As far as digital recorders go, it is really one of the best. Still, I would like to hear what people have to say about a good portable analogue recorder. Something equal to the Nagra, is it out there?
  3. Wow. What can I say. I wanted silver, heck I would have even bought another NH1. But the RH1 is super - and the black model is even better looking than I thought. First, it is a striking unit. I cant think of many others made with black metal like that. I just wonder how sturdy it is compared to the NH1. Second, the MP3 transfer is great. It saves a lot of time compared to using the conversion on the old NH1. Really, apart from starting up SS I think it must be just as fast as direct drag and drop. Third, I like the earphones that come with it - not too bad. Fourth, I can use the remote and the battery from the NH1 as spares. Fifth, the USB power is a very good idea. And the charger is quite small for travel if I know I wont have access to a USB port. Sixth, I very nearly bought one of the new Sony NWS200 sports walkmans. I can see the advantages - smaller, sweat resistant and 2 GB for the better model. But then I thought, hang on, will I use: 1 Shake 3 times shuffle? NO 2 Armbad NO 3 Calorie counter?? NO 4 Pedometer? No And what is the point of one of these devices or one of the sony USB stick walkmans if you cant transfer without loading SS. If I am travelling internationally thats no good. So for music for prolonged travel, I will just use my phone which has MP3 drag and drop capablities. When will they ever learn that drag and drop is the only way to go for the smaller DAP devices? Anyway, the MZ-RH1 really is better than the NH1, I can't believe it.
  4. Today I became the proud daddy of a black MZ-RH1. There was no silver one available where I purchased it but I'm happier than I thought at the black one. I'll have to think carefully how to wear it, use it, store it. I like the remote but theres just an extra wire/thingy that I simply dont need.
  5. After purchasing the fantastic silver MZ-N910 (the jog dial on the body of which was the greatest ever MD control in my humble opinion) in early 2003 and probably dropping it more than once (using it at the gym), I upgraded to Hi-MD the day that the N910 unit went to NetMD Valhalla. I remember it well, I went to the stores that sold MD and looked at the shiny MZ-NH1. Of course, I had the option of buying the non flagship first generation Hi-MD units, but I spent the extra money and bought the best unit, the NH1. That was back in early/mid 2005. That unit has given me 2 years of joy. I remember saying to myself, if it lasts me 2 years, then thats only 1 dollar a day. Well, I have great regret to announce that after dropping the unit for the umpteenth time today (although this time on carpet) it is not reading discs, and is giving me a constant whirring noise, such that when I eject the disc the disc is still spinning very fast. Yes, the MZ-NH1 I have used for 2 years or more is now in Hi-MD Valhalla. I have dropped the thing at the gym, on the street, on hard cobblestones more than a dozen times. Now I am going to buy another unit, and I like the NH1 so much I want to buy it again. But tell me, how in the world can I affix rubber or something that looks ok to my unit so that when I inevitably drop it again, it will have a long and happy life? Should I be getting the RH1? I really love the Hi-MD format. Yes, its takes time to transfer MP3s to the NH1, but it was a great unit. Magnesium body etc. One think that did happen at the end of its life was that the film that covered the front of the unit started to peel and I think that caused oxidation and discoloration on the body of the unit itself. I rarely used the separate control unit, choosing to use the controls on the body itself. Should I be getting something totally different? ei an EvilWhiteKartelPod or some such thing?
  6. Thats really my question, But I think that reel to reel is always better - better consistency of movement of the tape over the head *or some such thing*. Minidisc is pretty damn good at PCM Im sure - and easy to change discs. But this Nagra SN looks like about the best portable reel to reel there ever was. Perhaps someone can enlighten us both about the best in portable analogue formats.
  7. Sure I know its expensive. Tell me where I can get a similarly good quality analogue format with the same size and Ill buy it. Any suggestions?
  8. I like LP's. But they are too big to put in your pocket. So for some analog goodness, try one of these: http://www.stefanopasini.it/Nagra%20SN.htm Reel to Reel Goodness - in stereo too. The recorder is the size of a cigarette case. I'm definately going to get one. Very cool. Of course, a typical MP3 player users response would be - "but it has too many moving parts!".
  9. Sure, but I was also referring to the fact that there are other similarities between the 2 formats Both are round discs Both are played with a kind of stylus, laser/magnet for the MDs or just plain old stylus in the case of an LP Both are super cool The MD format, while not analogue like a LP, presents the most portable high quality option out there for playing your LPs and can have CD/Mastered LP quality in the palm of your hand - Its certainly much more portable than those 80's Sharp LP ghetto blasters (although they are cool too). In short, if you want quality sound, and you can put an LP in your pocket, you can still have the Minidisc with great digital reproduction. I really marvel at the technology. Actually to think that there is a PCM recorder that weights 80 grams is amazing. And the discs are super light - I easily put 3 or 4 in my coat pocket and they are light and not too bulky. I read about the flash players having 2, 4 GB etc - that is NOTHING. In a sleeve that takes MD you can fit about 8 GB to an A4 sized sleeve thats only a few mm thick. Its expandable, and its tangible. Ive dropped the NH1 countless times and it runs. No Ipod with a heavy Hard drive will do that for you. People are complaining about moving parts. Yes, the MD does have a complicated set of machines in its tiny body - but it will run and run and run. Its an incredible format and wont die. Its going to make a comeback with the discerning listener (not just the musician) who wants a tangible recording of their favourite LPs, CDs, live recordings etc. The difference between MD and MP3 players is this: listening to MD is like seeing movies projected on the big screen, listening to the standard MP3 file is like watching a move on a 19 inch monitor on Youtube. Big difference if you ask me. Life is too short for compromise.
  10. Yes I know. But its a disc, tangible and has great quality (although digital not analogue like an LP). Otherwise, its a Mini LP as far as Im concerned - its TANGIBLE. You think about the music you are playing every time you insert the disc and you can swap the discs like LPs. Still no LP and player unit the size of an MD out yet. If there were - I'd buy one. I wonder if they could ever do that?
  11. No problem, it's all interesting. I have a lot to learn about this format. You know, I really like this format. I hope that it is kept alive. I know that it is used in many professional industries such as film making (as back up sound recording or main recording unit for guerilla film makers) and has other uses. The fact that you get a player and a Linear PCM recorder that can produce digitally times CD quality sound it absolutely amazing. I am a fan of analogue technology (analogue synthesizers, film cameras, LPs etc) but having an MD player is almost like having a top brand LP player in your pocket which can also record! They are lighter than the Ipods, and sturdier. I really think that the disc artwork is very cool. I have just bought some TDK coloured artwork 80min discs - very cool. The artwork should be some of their biggest selling points, not just the units themselves (which are also very well designed). I wish the discs were more readily available. I like the system because it is infinitely expandable. I shall buy the Onkyo deck for really one reason - the ability to record and then come home and put that recorded music on (and also to play discs that I have already put material onto via computer, LP or otherwise). The discs are tangible like LPs - they force you to think about the music you are listening to. Really, I hope that this format never dies. Given that it is still popular in Asia, and seems to have a lot of use elsewhere with discerning listeners, I wonder when the next model minidisc recorder or player will be released.
  12. I have read the FAQ and other great posts here but can't find the answer to my query. I have an MZ-NH1 and will purchase a Radio Shack microphone (I have one at the moment) and a 3.5 male to 3.5 twin female adapter. I noticed that using only 1 microphone and recording on an 80min MD that you can only get sound in both earphones if you use MONO mode. That is probably not the best non-PCM mode for recording a gig (or is it?). So I will purchase another microphone and use the 3.5 to twin 3.5 adapter to input both microphones. The question that I have is, will this give me stereo? One microphone on one lapel, one microphone on another lapel, will it really give me something *other than the format being different from MONO* that mono wont'?
  13. What format do most of you guys use to record in Hi-MD mode on a 80 min MD. I think that PCM would be out of the question. Would you use HiLP or HiSP. I have just thought about using my 80s and 74s with my Hi-MD unit and one thing that came to mind was - what were/are the pre recorded albums that we used to buy and play on our MD units recorded in? If they were PCM, then obviously they were only for 28 minutes or so. That's not enough for a whole album. So did they use ATRAC, and if so, what speed ATRAC was used? What speed ATRAC3 is used now on prerecorded Hi-MD albums (which I am sure you could still buy in Japan)? What will allow CD like quality on these small volume discs like the 80s and the 74s?
  14. I am a musician, and a music lover, from a young age. I still remember when about 15 years ago I saw somebody at my university with a Minidisc unit. I will never forget seeing it for the first time. CD walkmans were becoming normal for students to have, but this thing was small and the disc was protected and tiny. Of course, I grew up buying tapes and LPs, getting them for birthdays and christmas, and it wasnt until after the MDs came out that I got my first CD Player in a mini hifi unit. Heres my take on why I still like the MD: The MD is the TRUE successor to the most pure form of music in my opinion, which is the LP. Yes, the cassette tape, and the compact disc were popular, and to some extent still are. But honestly, the Minidisc is the shrunk down version of the record in appearance, its the record that you can put in your pocket, and its the record that will RECORD. I still believe that for this reason, the Minidisc is still king for those who appreciate music. Yes, I own MP3 players, and let me tell you, they are SOULless. Downloading music and dragging and dropping is convenient, but so is watching movies on a 10 inch portable DVD. Listening to an ATRAC or PCM concert, gig, or that CD or LP that I have transferred/recorded, well thats like viewing a Panavision film on the big screen. What an amazing fantastic invention. I want to see the MD live, thrive, I want to see hand crank powered ones, what an amazing fantastic invention. The are the true successors to the great sound we enjoyed on LPs. It's like a professional LP player, that can also record, and it fits on your desk or in your pocket. Amazing. I don't remember why I bought it except that I was excited by MDs, but in about 2003 I bought my first MD unit. It was a MZ-N910 and I used it until it went to MD valhalla after a lot of use. I loved the jog dial on that machine. Now I use daily a MZ-NH1, an almost perfect piece of machinery and technology. I am going to purchase a Hi-MD mini hi fi Deck like an Onkyo or Sharp or Sony. I really think that MDs are about experiencing life, you can swap discs with someone, you can get excited about the tangibility of the medium *just like LPs*. This is what I will do - make recordings at the opera, at the concert, in the jungle, at occasions like birthday parties and weddings, at SUPERB quality, take the disc out, put it in your deck at home, and listen to it as if you were back there. Fantastic! What does MD mean to you?
  15. I have a sony HiMD recorder and I love it. I especially like the fact that I can records live events or my cds with the highest possible quality. But I have lost my copy of MD Simpleburner. It doesnt come with SonicStage 3.4 and I need it. Where can I get it? Also I bought some songs from Itunes website. But when I tried to move them to my minidisc it doesnt work. What is with this? Is there any way that I can move them to my Minidisc without having to use audio cables etc from my computer and record in real time. One is a cd and the others are audiobooks and I think that they are in Mp4 format. Thanks
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