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  1. everything has been sold please close this thread thank you.
  2. So the only difference is the remote?
  3. I am looking into buying a RH1 from B&H priced at 299. Is there any difference from the units sold in US and the ones in Asia? I am just wondering if there are any significant build quality difference or anything. Thanks
  4. 3 items up for sale Sharp MD-DR77-B ----Condition: mint, no scratch whatsoever barely used. Sharp MD-DS77-S-----Condition: see above sharp HP-MD90-B------ condition: same as above I would like to sell these items at a reasonable price pm me with offers, thank you.
  5. Ok, I followed the direction from sticky to put an order for sharp ds70-w. I gave a price quote http://kakaku.com/item/20606010040/ but received reply that the website that I sent list the item as no longer available. Is it pretty much hopeless to try and get this unit or can I send price quote from some other Japanese site? I have been looking around but it is proving to be very difficult since I don't know any Japanese. I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me out.
  6. So most of the e-tailers I use no longer carry some of the legacy units I want. Is there any place that I can request for a specific unit?
  7. I really want to get a sharp ds70 but it seems that none of the e-tailers carry them anymore. I remember audiocubes had them couple of months ago. Is there any way that I can get this unit? I do plan on going to japan on July, would I have easier time getting the unit in Japan?
  8. On the sharp ds77 on some of the equalizers like DOME, STUDIO and LIVE settings there is a little dolby mark with headphones on the lower right side next to the battery indicator. What does this mean? and what is the difference between these settings and the ones without the dolby mark?
  9. Whenever I leave my sharp ds77 after charging it drains so quickly even though I haven't used it. Is this normal? Also is there a "right" way to put in the gumstick batt? I do put it in according to the positive and negative signs... sorry if the questions are stupid.
  10. So I think I am going to purchase the product from radioshack So this thing plugs directly into the player/stand right? it's not a converter? Also it seems like it comes with several other adaptors does it support other country voltage as well? thanks for your help.
  11. hmm so if I purchase cheapest one from that site it shouldn't make a difference? Also the radioshack converter seems like the range is 110-220volts, not 100?
  12. sorry about that this should work http://www.voltageconverters.com/japan_voltage.html I am looking to buy the cheapest one on the list for the reasons mentioned above. Not sure what the price differences mean though. Would buying a more expensive version ensure its reliability?
  13. http://www.voltageconverters.com/itemdesc....9442}&ic=VC100J I found this converter from a link on this site. Is this a reliable product? do any of you have any experience with it?
  14. I recently purchased Sharp Ds77. While I am having great time listening to it, I can't seem to figure out how to set different sound settings and stuff. I have read somewhere that it is capable of 80 (or something to that range) different eq settings but I have only been able to change between few sound settings. Also what is the difference in sound settings when the dolby logo pops up on the remote than the default setting? And is there a way to change the bass settings as well? If anyone has experience with this model please any kind of response will be appericiated.
  15. Well I am using a sharp dr80 as the recorder and have M-Audio Delta 1010LT for soundcard.
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