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  1. Yikes, my first post and it's in the wrong forum. Thanks for moving it to the right place. Any other thoughts? What is "smooth CD importing" and does it compromise sound quality? Thanks again --
  2. I've recently purchased my first minidisc recorder, the RH910, mainly to record live music. But I've also come to enjoy using it as a way to listen to my music library while commuting, etc., which brings me to my question. Some of the music I've transferred from CD to SonicStage has short but incredibly irritating dropouts, and I'm at a loss to figure out why. The RH910 came with SonicStage 3.2, and I've just loaded in 3.3 -- same problem. It's got nothing to do with the recorder itself or the Hi-MD media, as the dropouts are there right in SonicStage. Apologies in advance if this has been asked before. FWIW, other than these occasional dropouts I really love the unit and the format in general. Live recordings in PCM or ATRAC3+ sound fantastic. Thanks in advance for your wisdom...
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