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    Both. I had contact with the sony service and they couldn't help me neither. Now he's in my sony-shop-with repairservice but I think they'll gonna send the device to the sony-repair in belgium. I have still my old MZ-R55 to work with. I'm a musician so I can't miss my portable to record rehearsels. greetz Luke
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    It's on all discs. I tried with a common MD and with the 1Gig and it's all the same. I cannot edit my own recordings on the device. I work I think for already 10 years now with sony-Minidiscs (decks and portable) so I'm used working with it. And so I really think there's something wrong with this unit. I'll hope my shop can fix it without sending it to a sony-center. It also don't give the message write protected. Only sometimes NO EDIT. Another question: is there only a backlight on the remote and not on the device? funcleluke
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    Dear Matt, thanks for your replie but I know your remark. But I have the problem with recordings with my mic and from analog source. funcleluke
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    Ik have just bought a second hand MZ-NH1 and at first I was glad to obtain this topmodel for a good prize. But now I discoverd that it has a big failure. Even when the hold is off and menu is on advance I only can format. No editing possible on the device!The recordings are done with the mic and analog from a DAB-radio. Do anyone know the resolution? Is it possible to do a factory reset? Or a software download? greetz funcleluke
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