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  1. I've got the software and pc input covered. Just need a worth player for the transfer. I see the only suitable portable units are the RH1 and M200. What are some MD decks with optical out that would suffice? I want to get them to my PC without converting them or negatively effecting the sound quality. New or used - I don't care. Whatever I do purchase will be sold when I'm done. I have no interest in keeping the MDs after I archive these shows to DVD. My old Sony MZ-N1 was used to record about 50 live concerts (60-120 minutes each), but I'll be selling it and all the MDs after I'm done converting.
  2. lefty

    RH1 Upload Bug?

    seems to be working on another disc... i may have had some kind of corruption on the other disc.
  3. lefty

    RH1 Upload Bug?

    i've got some old MD shows i recorded in LP2 on an old school MD recorder. uploaded with SS 3.4 to my PC, but the WAV files that are being created are messed up for long tracks. if the track is about 20min then it creates about a 20MB file, but if the track is 100 minutes it creates a 20MB file that is nothing. anyone else have this bug? what work arounds are there? i can't seem to split the recording up into tracks.. when i click the button, the display reads "PC->MD" but continues to play?
  4. lefty

    Hi-MD > 1GB ?

    bummer... but thanks for the replies
  5. lefty

    Hi-MD > 1GB ?

    Looks like the largets Hi-MD is a 1GB. Since I only want to record in PCM, that gives about 94 minutes. Ideally, 3 hours of PCM would be available on the RH1 Any chance of 2GB + coming out ?? Rumored or confirmed?
  6. LOL i've recorded an entire show of silence too... got past the metal detectors, the show was great setlist, no distractions from the crowd noise, it definately woulda been a good recording. but no, my mics came unplugged before i ever made it to my seat oh, and nobody else recorded the show... so yeah.. it still sucks LOL
  7. what's this about the RH1? can it digitally transfer my old MD (recorded on an old MZ-N1) to my PC?!?! please tell me they finally implemented this i'm sure this has been asked, but i have to be sure. if my hopes are true, then someone needs to update the "A Guide To Hi-MD Uploading." sticky
  8. for my situation i just want to get the MD to the PC, and then i'm abandoning MD altogether. i'm getting one of these for stealth recording: MicroTrack 24/96 i'll keep my old MD in case something comes along that will enable easy digital transfer to PC, but MD and sony in particular are ... nevermind
  9. i've found a couple on ebay in the $100 range, which is fine i guess, but............ is there a difference between using digital vs analog if i'm using realtime PC software to record? can you hear the difference?
  10. i've got my rig in past metal detectors more than once. all good tips here. one thing i'd add: mics are super easy to get in. i sometimes wrap my mics around me, under my clothes. eg - around my waist like a belt, around my arms (shoulder and armpit), use a safteypin inside my pants near the waist line and let the mics run the length of my leg and tuck rest in my socks. my rig: MD mics DAT hat (2 slits in the top of the hat where i stick my mics through) battery power for mics (level settings tapped to the MD) AA battery extension for the MD mic clips 2 blank MD ear plugs keychain light to see my MD display
  11. I taped a bunch of shows with an old MD. Until now I've transfered the shows to my PC by using the analog out on the MD to my PC soundcard. Press play on the MD, and record on Sound Forge. Anyway, now I'm thinking I want a device to play MD with optical out so that I can transfer to PC without the AD conversion. Anyone know if there is any "real" difference between analog vs digital capture to the PC since both are realtime, and the recording was via analog mics anyway? If optical is worth it, any recommendations for a deck or portable MD player with optical out? I wish I could browse the MD like a regular drive and just copy/paste shows to my PC.. but whatever. Someone chime in if this is now possible.
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