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  1. I would like to have a date with Sato Hiroko A really beautiful woman.
  2. I GOT IT..... YEAH..... The guy from italy send it to me for 10 € (incl. shipping)....
  3. Hello, One big question: Is the sony MZ-NH1 a quickcharger ?? what i mean: From status ALMOST EMPTY to completely charged in less than 16 minutes ??? I am a bit irritated, because for my opinion, my chargeable battery can't be full in that short period.
  4. but what about the maker of minidisc, sony itselve ? Isn't sony somehow like apple, too ??? I mean, look at the new PS3.... Faster, bigger, greater.....a must have..... the PS2 -> old coffee, garbage.... even the old games (for me still interesting) should be put into the wastpaper basket. (the affordable version of the ps3 is comming along with no ps2 emulation) Or maybe sony keeps nature conservation in mind, thus you are forced to keep your old PS2 at home, in order to play your games (Not able to throw the old PS2 into the garbage)) ?? *ironic* I love Mini-Disk and will keep it as long as possible, but from the inventor, sony itself, the MD has been chosen to be e-waste. No dedicated service, or development anymore ! hopefully, sony will not invent something like an "i-walkman" or a "Walk-pod", only to get more money out of our wallets. PS: i am still a SonyFreak
  5. @sparkey191 You are right for example: I use my floppy drive only to preinstall the Raid driver, needed to install windows XP on an raid system. that's not a basis for discussion. What do you mean with No ??
  6. nobody can tell me, that those loudness junkies out there are able to here even the different between 64 and 356kbit... What i mean: for my opinion, round about 80% of all mobile audioplayers are driving substandard earbuds. With 16 ohm or less, they are compensating the insufficient output power of most european audioplayers. So: Loudness: Great Soundquality:Weak so with good headphones and musik at 128kbit, you will always get a better sound than with 16 Ohm junk at 356kbit
  7. Listening to: Hikaru Utada "Distance" I don't know what she is singing there, but it's great musik. Like an japanese J'Lo
  8. Oh thanks, i didn't know yet.... i will try the plugs....
  9. Gratulation: Interesting to hear about it. What about the MZ-NH1 ? is it also a third generation device ?? A status to die for Maybe next year i will spend some money in new gear.... for now i have to save money for the tenancy changeover.
  10. Do you mean, that they will get faster old, faster broken ??? then i must say: your 100% right !!!
  11. For me, at this moment it's the good old ATRAC-SP, without any high or low.... because: I will have a car MD-radio in a few weeks (yeaaah !!) , and i have a non HI-MD hifi-deck too so i can play the tapes where ever i want. For my "Walk to work MDs" , I will use HI-SP.... realy good sound and high capacity. for classic i use uncompressed HI-MD.
  12. Sorry In Germany, every reloadable battery is called : AKKU -> NiCd - AKKU - > Lio - AKKU -> NiMH - AKKU The non reloadable things we call: Batterien (battery) LEO (German-English Translator) told me, that i can use also accumulator. And lazy as always, i use the words with the fewest characters
  13. The problem is: Speed , speed, speed..... and again: SPEED..... Sony tried, as i know, 2 times to place a starage MD drive on the market 1. Sony MD Data MDH-10 2. DS-HMD1 For my opinion, the main problem is based on the factor speed, especial seekspeed. Ever tried to backup your hompage-data via MD ? NO ? BUT ME ! I thought my MZ-NH 1 would be ready to explode. After writing a file, the drive drove back to the beginning of the disc (where the TOC lies ??) and back again, just to write the next file..... And that for EACH damned file !!! After 3 minutes or so ( I thought , the write head would come out, saying "hello"...), i canceled the procedure and put everything into a ZIP file. with only one file, the backup up was quit good. and much, much faster !!! So for daily use, its too slow because of seektime and the writing mechanism. If the TOC would be written completely before writing each file, then write speed would be increases enormous, but i don't know what would happen with the data integrity than. Minidisk is a small child of the magneto-optical technique, which is allready the "old bear" of data storage !! Sony RMO-S561 9.1GB 5¼" MO External The "big ones" use more intelligent controllers to write the data (SCSI-Controller), the laser systems are more powerful, the spinspeed is higher. Maybe it would be possible, to "compress" the Data-Storage technique into MD-Sice, but for what price ??? and what kind of data-integrity...?? Here is the the newest Minidisk-like Storage Solution: Fujitsu MCR3230AP 3,5" Build in Drive. (already popular IDE technique) Not available anymore. Why? I don't know !!?? Maybe because auf the write speed ?? I made a backup of my 50 GB Audio files today to an external DVD burner -> 8 Speed... >10MB/s.... Much faster than MO does on; Mediaprice->peanuts.... For my opinion, the dead of beautiful things such as MD and MO-Drives came with making the CD-R and co. popular. every notebook needs a CD drive. With a burner instead of only the drive, you are already prepaired to make backups and don't need a second drive (Like MD....) Change the CD burner into an DVD-RAM burner, you will have nearly the same comfort, as writing data to an MO-Drive. (A DVD-RAM has an error correction, as MO drives does, too; it writes around "bad sectors") PS: ever used Mini-CDRs ?? they are cuddly, aren't they ??
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