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  1. Yes Panasonic did have one made. I've got one when I bought my Panasonic MD player long long time ago. While the player is now non-functional, I still use the charger regularly to charge gumstick batteries.
  2. The latest Sony S70x series Network Walkman can support ATRAC Advanced Lossless, but according to the manual it will not support gapless playback.
  3. I'm using SS CP and would like to backup my library using the backup tool. However, during the backup process, there is a message saying that you need to be online to allow authenication or something like that. My PC is offline at the moment (I'm using another PC to post this) due to some adware infections) and I was never asked to connect to Internet during backup process. In that case, are my backup still good for future restore? If not, any options as I'm a bit nervous to connect my PC fearing that my data will be jeopadized. Thanks for help
  4. I presume you need to change a setting on the remote to activate the backlight. Check the manual.
  5. Just curious, why don't you purchase the RH1 from HK, as it seems it should be cheaper, unless, you want the Silver version. You'll need to wait though. Just got mine after nearly 3 months waiting.
  6. Hi, could you advise the product number of 80 mins disc 5 or 10 packs? I've tried to search these in Bic Camera website but unsuccessful. Thanks.
  7. metal

    I want an EH1

    You may try but it is very likely that PriceJapan will not have this one anymore.
  8. Actually, I forgot to mention the blue case is not included, some sort of a promotional item when purchased with MD blanks. And, before you ask, the 'Sony' logo is a fake. It is not a Sony product. I never use the buttons on the unit, soley use the remote.
  9. I'm unable to detect any sound quality difference when compared with EH1, and I guess any player with HD digital amp. The bass is a bit punchier than RH910, but only very marginal. If you are satisfied with the sound of EH1 and RH(9)10, then I suppose you won't be disappointed. This unit is heavier and thicker than EH1 despite it is plastic though it still feels solid in my hand. My brother bought this one for me during his recent Japan trip. (He used to travel to Japan about twice a year.) Sadly, HiMD/MD format is fading away in HK and in fact I was rather surprised to see Sony HK still introduces RH1 here.
  10. No, it is plastic. I got this while I have the chance (to tie in with my brother's Japan trip) and also to act as a warhorse unit as I loved my EH1 so much that I want to prolong its wear & tear. Btw, did your EH1 arrive yet?
  11. Already purchased four for the past 6 months, and I won't buy another MD unit again, well, after I've got the RH1.
  12. Here are some picture of my new white EH-50. Enjoy.
  13. I've just taken some pictures but unfortunately the quality is just so-so and nowhere near the high quality of the unit posted by others. As there are already quite a lot of black EH1 pictures, I thought I just simply posted a few in this thread rather than starting a new one in the pictorial forum. Hope this is OK to the mod. [attachmentid=1700][attachmentid=1701] [attachmentid=1702][attachmentid=1703] [attachmentid=1704][attachmentid=1705]
  14. It's now official. Sony HK has updated their website with a suggested retail price of HK$2198 (about US$282) http://www.sony.com.hk/Electronics/eng/con...mz_rh1_fea.html
  15. I would like to but I don't know how to do the upload. Are there specific rules to post pics and do I need obtain a Mod's agreement before doing so?
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