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  1. Hi dankec,

    That's part of my future project but the encoding is different to make them work. I think that each title is encrypted on the player. If you could, send me the OMGAUDIO folder zipped with only one mp3 in it (a small one) and also with the original mp3 so I can compare.

    Since I do not have the player myselt, you would have to test it for me... If things are not to hard to work, it would be done in a few days...

    Go to the sourceforge site to send me there files, and tell me the exact model number of your player.


    For the space left, that's easy. Be default, the Mp3 File Manager thinks that the size of the player is 1gigs (I have a 1 gig player...) but there is a file called "playersize.txt"... Change the value of the first line to match your player. Java is unable to dectect the size of a disk. This feature will be part of the next Java version as I read in another forum...


    Hello, Patrick!

    I wish to support your work as much as I can, so I sent you (private message on this forum) a OMGAUDIO.zip from my NW-E507 (1Gb) player. Inside is just one mp3 file as you wanted. I suppose it's going to work for all the rest of nw-e40x and 50x players... even more.

    Hope you'll succeed to make a universal manager for all sony players.

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