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  1. Yeah, I have been using external mic's with my MD units for a while, but I just dont want the hastle of the cables and batterys for the mics etc, just want something that is totally portable, one item! not having to carry battery box, mic, batteries for the mic, MD unit, batteries for the MD unit, spare discs, cables etc!
  2. Hi, I am looking to buy a flash/HD based portable audio recorder with built in mics. I still want to use my Hi-MD units for Line recordings but I want to use the new recorder for live performances where I do not have access to the amp/mixer. I have a budget of £300 ($600) and was considering the Sony PCM-D50. Does anyone on the forum have any recomendations or advise? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for your help Guitarfxr Yes, I can solder. Can you recomend a high quality headphone cable? I take you believe the reason I am getting these cut outs during the recording is because of the cable and the adaptor?
  4. I cant seem to upload the pictures here so I have added them to my flickr account here, http://www.flickr.com/photos/15752729@N03/...57603675627696/ If someone could please download them from flickr and upload them here that would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the replys! I have tried the mic a few times now, but have not really had time to listen to the recordings yet, but one thing i noticed that while i was recording on a few ocassions, the mic stopped recording? just for a few seconds, but long enough to spoil the recording (luckily each time I had my second minidisc unit recording line-in directly from the AMP!) it is like it switched off or lost connection? The unit or mic where not moved during the recording and there is no problem with the battery as i used a fresh AA each time, and the two times I used it it was on two different units but the same thing happened? Has anyone every had this type of thing happen before? do you think there is a problem with the microphone? or possible with the XLR to 3.5 adaptor I am using? or the extra XLR connector that I am not using?
  6. I Have a Sony ECM-959C to use with my Hi-MD recorders. The Mic is powered by an AA battery It has a double XLR connector I have an XLR to 3.5 adaptor to connect it to my Minidisc I will be recording loud music What would be the best option for recording for me? do I need a battery box? Thanks is advance!
  7. Hi, Apart from the the capacity difference of Hi-MD Blanks and Standard MD Blanks, is there any other real differences? I am particularly interested if there are any differences when it comes to recording, for example if I record something in HI-SP on and Hi-MD blank will it be the exact same quality if I recorded it on a Hi-MD formated 80min Blank recorded to in HI-SP?
  8. So, if the battery is running very low, the Unit knows how much battery power it needs to write the data, so when it reaches that level it will stop recording and use the remaining power to save the data, then it will switch off? Is this correct? can anyone verify if this is what happens?
  9. Hi, When you are recording on a Hi-MD unit, once you finish recording and press stop you get the 'system writing file' message. I wanted to ask if you are recording something and for whatever reason the unit crashes or switches due to no battery power etc, do you loose the whole recording? or can you still get whatever was recorded before the crash/power failure? Also if you press pause during a recording it does not do the system writing file but it does create a new track, in this instance say have been recording for a while and you have pressed pause a few times and then your unit crashes/power failure, will all the recording be lost or will you be able to get all the parts that where pause and only the track that was being recorded at the time of the crash/power failure be lost? Thanks
  10. hsl13

    Mz Nh1 Crash

    I have just recently purchased a NH1 to use mainly for live recording and wanted to ask if any member had the NH1 crash on them whilst recording from line-in or mic-in?
  11. Hi, I currently use a Sony ECM-DS70P microphone connected to the mic-in on Hi-MD recorders RH910 and NH1. The music I record is loud and from what I have been reading on the forum, for live music it would be better to use a microphone connected to a battery box then connected to the line-in of the recorder. I want to avoid having to use a battery box so am looking at microphones that have there own battery power so I can connect it to directly to the line in. Problem is I do not want any thing as big as a sony ECM-MS907 microphone, it has to be small like the ECM-DS70P. I found this microphone, Audio Technica ATR35S http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/wired_mi...b3ec/index.html Would it possible to connect the Audio Technica mic directly to the line in? Do you think it would give a better quality recording than my current set up? Also is there any recomendations for other small battery powered micriphones? Thanks in Advance
  12. hsl13

    RH910 vs NH1

    I've tried this now and it does work on the RH910! Thanks A440.
  13. hsl13

    RH910 vs NH1

    I think it was my mistake, I didnt read your post properly. I am sure I have tried to set the rec level whilst recording before and I got a message 'cannot set' when tring to go into the rec level menu? It may have been something else I done, so I am going to try on-the-fly recording with the RH910 again.
  14. hsl13

    RH910 vs NH1

    Yes what you are saying does work on the RH910 and is how I usually record but if you have started recording and relise the rec level is incorrect and want to change it you would have to press pause or stop in order to do so, interupting your recording (unless there is a break in the performace and you change it then). I thought 'on-the-fly' means you can change the rec level without pausing or stoppping the recording, I could be wrong?
  15. hsl13

    RH910 vs NH1

    RH910 does not have the on-the-fly feature, whist recording you have to press pause before you can change recording levels.
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