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  1. Dont Worry guys i sorted it myself, I downloaded GYM version 1.2b beta and got a different error message regarding missing jpg files. However i edited the XML file and changed the line where it says: <display_covers>yes</display_covers> to- <display_covers>no</display_covers> this then fixed that error and i got all my lost music that i had lost on my pc. I hope this may be of some help to someone else who might have have the same problem. James
  2. Hi guys, trying to get this software working but get the following error, Length cannot be less than zero Parameter name: Length. At the top of the error window it is a .net framework error. I have the following installed- SS 3.4 .net 1.1 mp3 file manager v2 direct x 9c GYM 1.2 (not beta) i dont understand why it is not working i have followed the key wizard step by step. I have GYM in a folder named "gym 1.2" in Programs, is this right? I would appreciate some help as i really need to get my music off my hd5h after losing everything with a major system screwup. Cheers, James
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